Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, March 3, 2014

First transfer! Jaen!

Week #23 3-3-14
Hey Everyone!!

Well i thought it was hot in Chiclayo in my old area that is until i got called to the Morro Solar area in Jaen!!! 

I'm not going to lie I was really sad to leave my old area especially after the goodbye meeting that they held for me! It was so sad and i cried. I never really thought i would get so attached to the people after only 4 months but its like they are your second family in the mission! The good thing is that I'm going far away from Chiclayo now so that later in my mission hopefully i will be close so when i go home i can say goodbye to them one more time! Anyways, Now im in Jaen where it is super hot and it rains quite a bit too! It has rained every single day that Ive been here since Tuesday, but when it rains its still hot outside! Its always super hot in the room and its still hard to sleep but i think that ill get used to it like my companion has. Also before i came here someone told me that it was hard to breathe their first couple of weeks and i didn't believe him until i got here and sure enough its a little harder to breathe and that's making my asthma act up a little bit but not bad. Also i thought that the shower was going to feel good because its a break from the heat but it seriously feels like ice is coming out of the tube!! I'm sure that ill get used to that after a while too! The bus ride to Jaen was 6 hours long and it was in this gigantic bus and its wasn't all that bad. For a couple of hours it was just like desert but the last couple of hours it was all green and i felt like i was going up to the cabin and it also looked like Hawaii it was so green and fresh outside! I managed to not get sick on the bus ride which was a relief! We got to Jaen at like 9 at night and then we lugged my suitcases up to the 4th floor where we live. Then we went and ate at the pension and the pension is awesome and she likes to joke around a lot! After that we went back to the room and i tried to sleep but i couldn't because it was so hot but yeah the first day was pretty adventurous! Oh and i forgot to mention that we don't have a fan in our room!!!

One thing that was pretty cool that happened this week was that we had a marriage and then an hour later they both got baptized! It was a very stressful marriage though because we were trying to plan everything and we had everything planned out well but then we called the lady that was going to come down to do the forms for the marriage and she said that she couldn't come down! So we were freaking out and we ended up going to the house of that lady. She lives in a place called Las Naranjas which is like 20 minutes in moto taxi up a mountain on a dirt trail and it was actually really really cool! We got there and it was super green and really fresh air and it wasn't super hot! Then we went to talk with the lady an we talked for like a half and hour and it was not looking good for us, but after practically begging her she let us slide but instead of being in the church that we had to bring the couple up to her house! So we hurried down the mountain and got 2 mototaxis and 2motos to take us all up the mountain to go to the wedding and right when we got to the top one of the tires popped and a motorcycle ran out of gas so Satan was definitely fighting against us but in the end they got married and then we got down the mountain safely with some cool pictures but the computer wont let me load to dropbox so ill have to wait till next time to upload pictures.. Sorry!!! Anyways then we went to their baptism and it all went well! Then the next day after church we had ward council and when we left from ward council it was super windy outside and it looked like a storm was coming so we walked home really fast and when we got home it started pouring super hard and our windows don't close all the way so we had to put clothes in the window to keep the water from coming in oh and our roof is metal and so the rain is super loud on the roof and sometimes its even hard to hear my companion talk! By the way my companion is Elder Flores from El Salvador! Oh and while it was raining it was still hot outside! Anyways its was pretty fun to watch the thunder and lighting and it lasted for a really long time and it stopped sometime in the night while we were sleeping and the next morning it was so hot that almost everything was dry! 

Today was pretty fun too! We played soccer and volleyball and since not everyone in the zone lives close to us and we have a zone meeting tomorrow we have some elders that are going to sleep in our room tonight and then we have zone meetings tomorrow and probably wont have another one for at least another month!

That's about it for now! Hope you all have an awesome week!

Elder Jarman

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