Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, March 31, 2014

No water for 2 days.

Week #27 3-31-14
Hey Everyone!

Hope youre all doing well! I apologize because this probably wont be very long because the internet is being super duper slow it took like 15 minutes just to load the emails. 

Anyways this week went pretty well! The only downfall is that on tuesday it rained super hard and usually after it rains we dont have water where we live for a couple hours maybe a day but this time it rained so hard that they said we werent going to have water for 5 days.. So everyone wwas bringing water to their houses with huge barrels and buckets. The water did end up coming back on like 2 days after but since then it has been going on and off and it really stinks when we dont have water! 

Other than that we were planning the marriage and the person that we normally use to do the marriage wasnt going to be able to. So we called somebody else who lives in a place called Chumba and he said he could so we went out to Chuma on wednesday. We took a car out there and we took a really old toyota corrola that only fits like 5 people but we ended up going 7 people so it  wasnt very comfortable and on the ride there it started to rain pretty good. The bummer is that the front windows t the car didnt roll up so yeah there was some water that was entering the car for like half the ride there. Then after we had dropped off three of the people the car got a flat tire in the middle of a dirt road that was all muddy and so the guy had to change the tire in the mud while it was raining! Then we finally got there and it was this tiny little town where there id barely anybody and thee cell service is terrible unless your standing in this building in the town. We turned in all the papers and got everything ready for saturday and then we waited for a car and we went back to Jaen.

Nothing much else happened until saturday when we had the wedding and then the baptism of Fanny Rafael Rimarachin. The wedding went pretty well even though there were only like 10 people there at the wedding because in Peru you say a time and everyone shows up an hour later. Anyways after that we had her baptism and everything turned out well except for the fact that she didnt come to church the next day to get confirmed. So we called her after church and asked her why she  didnt come and she said she adn her husband didnt have enough money to pay for a moto taxi to come to church. Its really pretty humbling how poor some of these people are out here. I feel like i really have gained an appreciation for the things that we have.

Other than that nothing else really interesting happened. Miss you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Jarman

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