Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, March 24, 2014

I just don't really feel like eating that much.

Week #26 3-24-14
Hey Everyone! 

I'll apologize in advance but i don't have any pictures to send. I'll walk around this week with my camera and try to take some pictures of what we do and how a day is like. Anyways i have been feeling better for the most part although i did get a migraine on Sunday and it hurt to move my eyes but it already passed and now I'm doing pretty well i just don't really feel like eating that much.

Other than all that we have been working hard. We actually had an interchange with some missionaries in the zone and i got put with a zone leader Elder Muhun from Guatemala for 2 days. That was pretty interesting but they have a lot more hills in their area than we have in ours so i was pretty tired by the end of the day. Then we came back and we weren't really having much luck finding the people that we needed to find in our area. This past week its like the people were avoiding us and we could never find them. In spite of that we are hoping to have Boris and Fanny get married this Saturday. Its actually pretty stressful for us because we're the ones who have to do all the paperwork and basically plan the wedding although its something simple and its in the church, but still we have to take the papers to the office and call the people to come down to do the marriage and its very stressful to get everything ready beforehand. Especially when they are lagging in getting all their papers together and we have a paper that the mission is sending us and it still hasn't got here yet.. We also have to have all the papers ready by tomorrow and so far we have none of them so we have quite a bit of work to do! Hopefully all will turn out good with the papers and the marriage. 

Other than that we have another investigator named Dilcia and her son Smith that have baptismal dates for this Saturday. The only thing is is that she said she was going to talk to her husband about her baptismal date. Her story is actually pretty interesting. Her husband was serenazgo which is like a branch of the police and there was someone robbing a bank and so he discharged his weapon supposedly to scare the robber but the bullet ended up hitting a kid and so now hes in jail for like 5 years. So she could really use the gospel in her life to help her through this time! Her husband said that hes okay with her going to church and everything and that that was good for her but we still haven't gotten any news about what he thinks about baptism. Hopefully it goes well with him and that he gives them permission! 

Other than that the weather here is super hot as normal and sometimes it rains and its still super hot when it rains and yeah I'm getting tired of living on the 4th floor and having to climb up the 4 flights of stairs like 10 times a day! We still don't have a fan which is a bummer but the assistants are coming out to Jaen this Wednesday and we asked them to bring us a fan so hopefully they come with a fan! Other than that all is well and were still working with some investigators to put some baptismal dates. More news about them next time! Hope you all have a great week and that all goes well for you!

Elder Jarman

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