Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, March 17, 2014

Little by little I'm getting better.

Week # 25 3-17-14
Hey Everyone!! 

Im doing alright i guess. The allergies went away but i still wasnt feeling pretty good and so we went to a doctor and he told me that i either have patitis or dengay... So yeah i havent been feeling the greatest but as of yesterday im starting to feel better! I didnt really have an appetite for anythning in these past days but now im starting to gain my appetite so little by little im getting better! 

This week nothing too interesting happened although there was an earthquake and we felt it here. We were right in the middle of teaching a lesson and we had asked the investigator(Karina) a question and she paused and while she was thinking all of the sudden she said earthquake and then like  seconds later we all felt it and it lasted for like 20 seconds but it wasnt too strong where we were! Anyways that was pretty fun! 

I feel like it always manages to rain on sundays when we want the investigators to go to church! Not just rain but pour.. The last two sundays it has rained quite a bit! Even in spite off the rain we still have some faithful investigators that show up! We share our area with the sisters and so when we go to church the bring their investigators and we bring ours and the room where we teach gospel principles is filled with investigators and new converts and its pretty cool to see! 

We had a baptism planned for Rosa this last saturday but it didnt end up happening but were hoping it happens this saturday and that she can get baptized along with her daughter Ingrid and Bryan another investigator that we have but were not sure that we will have the baptisms  because its not very sure their situations. Other than them we are working witha couple named Boris and Fanny so that they can get married the 29th of march and then the same day Fanny would get baptized! Boris is already a member. We first told them about the idea like the first week of march and its kind of wierd to think that like 3 weeks later they are going to get married! Anyways we have some work to do with them to get all the paperwork ready before the marriage because last time we almost didnt have the marriage because the papers werent all ready so were going to try to get everything all prepared at least a week before so that we dont have a ton of difficulties!

Other than that its very hot as always even when theres no sun and its raining and it doesnt help that we dont have a fan but thats all part of the fun and the experience as a missionary! Other than that im doing pretty well and recovering! Hope we have a good week this week and we can complete our goals! Have a great week everyone! Thanks for your prayers and your support! Love you guys!

Elder Jarman

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