Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, March 10, 2014

6 Months in the mission!

Week #24 3-10-14

Hey Everyone!

Wow this week has been strange! Oh and tomorrow i will already have 6 months in the mission! Its going by very very fast!

To start off the week it was pretty good. We played soccer on Monday and then we ate at Chifa canton and i had shrimp with rice, the same as my companion, but that night it didn't really sit well with my stomach and i ended up throwing up a couple of times. The next day i didn't feel good but i still went to the zone meetings because they only happen like 1 time per month because the whole zone covers areas which are like 6 hours away. Then on Wednesday and Thursday i felt pretty normal and then on Friday towards the middle of the day i wasn't feeling very good. I felt like i had no energy and i had the chills even though its burning hot and it turns out that that night i got a fever. The pension gave me a pill to take and it really helped but the next day i got a rash on my arm and so i think i was allergic to the pill but im not sure. Then the rash got worse and it spread to different parts like my stomach and my legs and it was even hard to sleep because it itched so bad. I put some itch cream on and ever since then it has started to go down which is good! On Sunday morning at like 4 in the morning it started raining pretty softly and then it started to get harder and harder and then pretty soon it was pouring rain! By the time we went to eat breakfast it had rained so much that the streets were like rivers and we ended up having to cross one of those rivers to get to the pensions house! Luckily we crossed it when we did because while we were in the pensions house it started raining even harder and the street got even worse! It was so full of water that it was going over the curbs in some areas and even going into peoples houses! So we ended up waiting in the pensions house for a long time until it went down a little and then we went to church and we were expecting there to be nobody there but we actually had a good attendance! Then after ward council we went home and reported the numbers. Then today the other elders in our district called us to ask if we could help move their pension so we went and helped. Right when we were about to leave i got really bad allergies and i was sneezing a ton! I took a pill and we went but the pill didn't help at all and it made it even worse that they were moving and so there was a bunch of dust! I was sneezing like the whole time but we managed to finish like 3 hours later and then we went back to the room and now im here writing!

We were hoping to have a baptism this week but we didn't end up getting the permission from the dad and we actually haven't had any luck talking to him or the daughter which is the one who wants to get baptized. So we arranged to have the bishop help us and so were working on getting that permission!

One weird thing that happened this week was that we were walking in the streets and there were some drunk people on the side of the road and one of the started coming up to us. He said now let me tell you something and we thought he was going to punch us but he ended up saying i am a disciple of Jesus Christ. It was actually pretty funny to talk to them even though he gave me a hug and laid on my shoulder and he smelled like alcohol! We gave them contact cards and then just left and we both kind of laughed about it afterwards! There is actually a lot of drunk people here and they always yell out gringo or say something to me! One time someone even yelled to me to marry their daughter! Its pretty funny to hear that and the kids always want me to speak in English for them! Anyways that's about it for this week! It still wont let me upload photos to dropbox so i hope i can get some on the email even though the computers really slow! 

Hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Jarman

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