Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, December 15, 2014

As we get closer to Christmas people have less time for Christ.. How ironic!

Week #65
Hey Everyone!

Well this week nothing really interesting happened except for one thing.. So this email is probably going to be kind of lame.. 

So the interesting thing that happened is that yesterday we found out that my companion has tranfers tomorrow and that i am going to be training a new Elder..!! So yeah im kind of stoked but im also nervous at the same time!! Transfers are always bitter sweet but i guess its a new opportunity to learn new things! So anyways tomorrow we will attend the transfer meetings and i will get my new companion! This will be my first transfer meeting in like 10ish months?! Because i was in Jaen for so long and i came to Chiclayo for emergency changes i havent attended a transfers meeting in a long time so im kind of excited for tomorrow!!

Anyways other than that this week was actually not very productive.. As we get closer to Christmas people have less time for Christ.. How ironic! So the work has kind of slowed down a little bit but were still working hard! Hopefully we can find some people to serve during this Christmas time!!

So on Sunday Blanca came to church again for all three hours! Thats 3 Sundays in a row! Shes awesome! Katy and Shirley didnt end up being able to come to church on Sunday.. bummer but theres always next time! Other than them we dont really have any investigators that are progressing.. Guess its time to do a lot more contacts!! Im kind of nervous to lead the area again.. I never really like doing that but its my turn now!

Anyways thats really all that happened this week.. Sorry its kind of lame but i didnt have much time.. Next week will be better! I know that Jesus Christ lives and its especially awesome to remember him during this time when we celebrate his birth! He really is the most important person that has even been born and during this time we celebrate the birth of the only perfect person who made all Gods plan possible! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior! Love all of you!

Elder Jarman

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What can we give or do for Christ this Christmas season?

Week #64
Hey Everyone!! 
Well this week went really well! I cant beleive that Christmas is soo close!? I cant believe how fast the year is going by!!
The only thing that was kind of a bummer is that we had planned to go out visiting with a bunch of members but almost every single one of them bailed out on us at the last minute!! What made it even worse is that we planned a bunch of appointments hoping to be able to go out visiting with them and then they all bailed on us!!
So this week nothing really too interesting happened so i guess ill just talk about some of our investigators!
The one who is progressing more than the rest is Blanca S.!! She is awesome!! She came to church on Sunday too! She really seems interested in the church! The only thing is that before hearing us she was a member of the 7th day Adventist church but she said that she doesnt like it because they made her get baptized without any notice and she didnt really understand why she was getting baptized! She said that she showed up to church one day and they baptized her that same day!? Thats crazy! Anyways as missionaries we usually invite the people to be baptized after the 1st or 2nd lesson with them but with her were taking it a little slower so as to not scare her! A couple days ago we talked to her about baptism and she kind of quivered when we mentioned it but after we explained it all and how she needed to get baptized by someone who has the authority to baptize her she kind of lightened up a bit! She said that she was going to think about it and pray about it! My comp and I feel like very soon that she will get baptized! 
The second group of investigators who are more or less progressing are Katy A. and Shirley A.! They are sisters and we knocked on their door one day and Katy told us to come back on Sunday and when we came back they opened up and we talked with them and got to know them a little bit more and they are awesome!! They are passing through some problems right now but the Gospel could really help them right now!! They have started to confide in us and ask us for advice and we have really been able to gain trust and confidence with them recently which is aweomse because that helps us know how to be able to help them! The thing that was kind of a bummer is that we went to pick them us to go to church and they ended up not being there.. We went back in the afternoon on Sunday and they said sorry but that something had come up out of the blue that they had to go to but that they were going to go to church next week! I feel like they have really been prepared by the hand of the Lord and that we knocked on the door at just the right time for them!!
Other than them we dont really have many investigators that are progressing very well.. We are working with a lot of less active members of the church! Lots of the people that we have been teaching recently have been coming to church which is awesome!! Its always a nice thing to see the fruits of our labors!!
Recently we have been asked to talk with all the people with something thats called "El es la Dadiva" (i dont remember how to write that in English) but its a video that the church has put out for Christmas and it talks about Jesus Christ and what a mervelous gift he was for us from our Father in Heaven! Recently since we have been thinking and talking a lot about that and what Jesus Christ did for us i feel like my testimony has grown even more! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer! He really did pay for our sins and he really was resurected and he lives today!! What can we give or do for Christ this Christmas season?? Love you guys!!

Elder Jarman


Monday, December 1, 2014

This was way back in April of Elder Jarmans 19th birthday.

I have noticed it cant be viewed from a mobile device but rather a home PC. At least from my experience:)

You gotta have Faith!

Week #63
Hey Everyone!!

Happy December!!! Wow the year has gone by so fast!!

So this week ended up going really well for us!! We didnt reach all of our goals but we improved a lot! For the longest time we have been having trouble getting people to come to church and thats one of the biggest reasons that they can progress but his week we were able to get 3 investigators to come to church! One of the new investigators that we are teaching whose name is Blanca came to church for the first time yesterday and it was awesome!! We passed by her house in the morning to bring her to church but when we passed by she wasnt ready so we ended up just going to church and telling her to come anyways even if she got there late! After the sacrament we went outside and waited a couple minutes for her to get there and she ended up showing up after like 10 minutes!! Always got to have faith!! She ended up satying all three hours of the church too!

This week on Thursday President and Sister Williams came to our room just to see how the room was and make sure we had everything we needed! It was pretty cool! When they walked in they saw the Chrsitmas tree on the wall and they thought it was a cool idea!! They shared something from Preach My Gospel with us and they left us some Chocolate chip cookies and then they left.. In and out.. Those cookies were so good though!! Man do i miss those!!

On Sunday after church we had a couple of appointments with some people we had contacted the day before but we usually those appointments end up falling through so we didnt have much hope going into those lessons but we ended up having a good lesson with a new family we found!! Also  couple hours later we went to another appointment like that and we found a coulpe more people who are really interested in learning more!! We only talked with the wife and sister because her husband wasnt home but they said that they have been waiting for somebody to knock on the door to teach them about the Gospel!!! Also ther grandparents just passed away so we can help the to know that they can live with their grandparents after this life too!! We have been really blessed this week and it was awesome!! 

The little experiences that build your testimony are awesome!! Its awesome being a missionary!! Its hard to explain how cool and special it is! There isnt anything else like it! I'm grateful to be here as a missionary helping other families to be happier! I know that this is the most important work that i could be doing and the most important work there is! Thanks for everything!!

Elder Jarman

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Our biggest struggle

Week #62
Hey Everyone!!

So this week went a lot better than last week! Even though i feel like more people shut the doors on us this week we were able to work better because my comp wasn't feeling sick this week!!

So on Tuesday we had district meeting that went really well but in the afternoon we didn't really end up having a good day but its okay because on Wednesday we got a full days work in and all went really well! We were able to visit almost all the people we had planned to visit and that day we could really see the blessings it was awesome!!

Thursday went all right i guess.. Thursday morning the Zone leaders just showed up to our room out of the blue and had a study visit with us and then we went on splits with them for an hour in our area and all in all it went really well! Thursday night we had ward missionary night and we had a night where the members and who ever wanted brought a plate of food that was natural to Peru and they explained a little bit about it and then everybody got to eat some of it at then end... Before all the members got to eat though they called us, the missionaries, up to try some things first... Well lets just say i don't like some of the plates that were up there so i tried a few things and basically waited around for my comp to try them for me haha.. I thought they were going to bring more food and have a better variety but in the end it turned out pretty well and we even had some investigators there too!

Nothing much happened on Friday and then on Saturday we had a pretty good day and to top it all of at night we had a session of our Stake conference and President Williams gave a talk and also Elder Taylor Godoy an area 70 came and gave a talk too! All in all it went really well!

On Sunday we were pretty stoked because we had a couple investigators who promised that they were going to come to church this week with us and it was going to be even easier for them to come because it was stake conference and it started at 10 instead of 8! When we went to their houses to pick them up and go to stake conference they ended up making excuses and at the end of everything nobody ended up coming to church... That seems to be our biggest struggle right now is that none of the investigators will come to church.. They put up any excuse they can find not to go.. Elder Waddell spoke to us a little while ago and told us that a way we could get the people to come to church was helping read the Book of Mormon and feeling the spirit so we have starting leaving a lot more invitations to read certain chapters of the Book of Mormon but whenever we go to the investigators houses they never have read what we left them.. So were having trouble with that no too.. They don't want to come to church and they don't want to read the Book of Mormon either.. Sometimes it can be hard but just got to keep enduring!!

In spite of the difficulties i love this work!! Its awesome to be here in Peru helping people and its worth all the trials and difficulties! I know that God has a plan for us and wants the family to be together forever! God has given us the way to achieve eternal happiness through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Elder Jarman

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nobody wants to open the door for us.

Week #61
Hey Everyone!!
So this week did not end up going as well as we thought it would... P-day was fun because we went to play soccer with some other Elders and then on Tuesday night my companion ended up getting sick with a cold and so the rest of the week didnt go very well for us.. 
This week it just felt like nobody wanted to open up the door for us!! Even when we had set up appoinments to go out visiting with the members they ended up bailing out on us too! Guess some weeks are harder than others!! 
I think my favorite part of this week is the Ward missionary activity that we had! It was a soccer and volleyball activity and we ended up getting there early with some investigators that we brought and they asked us if we could share something with them and so we went into a room and shared a message about the Atonement  of Jesus Christ with them and it was a really good lesson! Then when we came out of the lesson there were a ton of members of the church that had showed up to the activity to mess around and they all played soccer and volleyball and it went really well!! All in all the activity turned out really well! Next time were going to try to organize it even better though!
Well we dont really have many people who are ready to be baptized yet. We are working with Cesar Fernandez but recently now that he has basically gotten better from his accident hes gone back to working and hes gone back to some of his friends who arent necesarilly the greatest influence on him so he is losing some of the desires that he had before to change.. Well have to work a lot with hime these next weeks so that he can get married and baptized and then they can put a goal to go to the Temple!!
Other than that we have a couple of youth that are really interested in being baptized but becuase of the new rule that we cant baptize anyone younger than 18 unless their parents are members we cant baptize them yet so we are working with their parents but it seems like the biggest problem is that people cant ever seem time to come to church! I guess change can be a hard thing sometimes and its a big change that the people have to go through! 
Well nothing much happend this week.. This week will be a lot better though! One thing that has helped me a ot this week and really always is really learning about all that Jesus Christ did for us!! I know that he loves us very much and wants us to come home to him! Thats one of the reasons that im out on a mission is to help bring people back to the presence of God! Love you all! 

Elder Jarman

Monday, November 10, 2014

You learn a lot of patience in the mission!

Week #60
Hey Everyone!

So this week went alright i guess! We had some good days and some other days that weren't very effective.. Sometimes we have days that just no matter how many people we try to visit or how many people we try to talk to they just don't have time to hear us and we end up just walking around a ton looking for people to teach.. Gotta love the mission!

Anyways this week we started out really well. The transfers meeting was on Tuesday and we didn't have transfers so well be together at least until the 16th of December unless we have an emergency change,, Doubt it though! So instead of going to the meeting we went out working and it went well!

On Friday we had the District meetings and we had a good class on how to get along with our companions! Now that I think about it i haven't really had any trouble with any of my companions and that's one of my goals to get along with all of my comps! I always like the district meetings because all of the missionaries get to see each other!

Anyways on Saturday we were stoked to have a full day of work to try to catch up on some of our goals and it ended up being one of those unproductive days.. We were really pretty bummed but i guess there are a lot of things that we cant control as missionaries! We just have to keep going and to try to do the best we can!! I think i have said it before but you learn a lot of patience in the mission! Its good though! 

On Sunday my companion and i gave talk in sacrament meeting!! I was really pretty nervous because it was my first talk in Spanish that i was going to give to a big group of people other than the talk i gave in the CCM! It went really well though! I recorded it too! I gave a talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and what that does for us and a tiny bit on how it applies to keeping the commandments!! It wen well though! It was a huge relief when i was done though! Oh and on top of that the Stake President was there on Sunday too!

All in all this week went pretty well! Not too much interesting that happened this week.. In preparing for that talk i strengthened my testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and i learned a lot about why Jesus Christ requires a lot more than faith for us to be saved! If Jesus Christ didn't require that we keep the commandments we would never become like him! I'm grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and i know that He lives today and guides His church!

Elder Jarman

Monday, November 3, 2014

First time in 9ish months i got to take a warm shower

Week #59
Hey Everyone!!

So this week went pretty well in the end even though it felt a little long!! We have been fixing up the room this whole week! We had to put on the door handles and buy some curtains and some other things that we needed for the room and finally on Friday we put the water tank up on the roof and on Saturday they filled it up and for the first time in 9ish months i got to take a warm shower and it felt sooooo good!!! How i missed warm water!! Haha! The little things we take for granted!!

Anyways so this week went pretty well besides the things with the room! We were able to have quite a bit of lessons this week and personally i don't really like contacting but this week we did some more contacting than the other weeks! I don't really like contacting because nothing really ever comes of it but every once in a while you do find someone who has really been prepared by the hand of the lord! The lord has commanded us that we have to open our mouths all the time so we have to obey and we will be blessed!

My favorite part of this week was Sunday! On Sunday we sent someone out to pick up Cesar whos an investigator who got into a motorcycle accident and he cant really walk very well yet because hes missing a chunk of skin in his foot, and his wife Yina who is a less active! When the brother that we sent out to pick them up came back the family didn't walk in with him so we were a little bummed but right after sacrament they opened the doors up and in walked the whole family!!! It was really cool too see the whole family there in the church especially Cesar who was all bandaged up! Another cool thing is that they ended up staying all three hours of church!! After church they were able to talk with the Bishop and Yina went from being less active to being active and they accepted as a family to get married! So we are going to help them get married and then hopefully Cesar will want to get baptized too!! That would be the best!!

So that was my favorite part of this week and basically that was the coolest thing that happened this week! All is well in the work in Peru!! I know that the work of the Lord will go on no matter what trials beface it! Love you all! 

Elder Jarman

Monday, October 27, 2014

Thats the life of a missionary

Week #58
Hey Everyone!!

Well this week went pretty well actually! Im started to get used to Chiclayo again and im enjoying the cold!! Im not really enjoying the dust so much though!

So this week we have been pretty busy!! The coolest thing that happened this week was that Elder Waddell the 70 of the area came and spoke to our mission!! It was super good!! I really feel like i learned a lot of things from him and that what i learned will really help me to be a better missionary!! His Spanish is amazingly good too! It would be cool to be able to speak like him at the end of the mission but hes been speaking spanish for quite a bit of years now.. Ill have to work pretty hard if i want my spanish to be like his! So that was my favorite part of the week! Jaen also came down for the conference so i got to see all of the Elders and Sister from Jaen too! 

This week we have been going out visiting with the memerbs a lot this week! They have really helped us out a ton this week! This week was one of the better ones of the mission! The only bummer is that almost none of the investigators or the less actives that said they were going to come to church ended up coming... Its hard to work all week and then when Sunday comes around they dont end up showing up to church. Thats the life of a missionary though! Its tough sometimes, but its helps me to be stronger!

Another cool thing that happened this week is that Yesterday we were in a lesson and right when we finished the lesson at night we walked outside of the house and i looked to the left and saw something i thought i recognized. I did a double take and i realized that it was the car of the son in law of the pension in my first area! So i went over to the car and he got out and we talked and it was really wierd that i ended up running into him but it was really cool to talk to him again after a long time! We also talked about some of the people that got baptized while i was there and some of them are doing good and others sadly have gone astray... All in all it was cool to be able to talk to him after a long time!!

Today in the morning we moved to a new room! We moved because we werent even living in our area and sometimes we didnt have water in our old room. Our new room is on the third floor in the same house where the pension lives and were going to be able to put in warm water which is going to be cool!! So in the morning we passed all of our stuff to our new room and as missionaries we dont really have a ton of stuff so we were able to get it done really fast!! The only bad thing is that the bathroom still isnt quite finished yet but everything should be done tomorrow for sure! All in all the new room is pretty cool!

Thats all for now! Everythings going great here! Sorry for not having pictures.. Its just that the area is a little dangerous and i dont want to get my camera stolen but ill try to get some pictures this week! I know that this Gospel is true and that when it is really understood it has the power to change our attitude and our lives! Ive seen it a lot of times in the mission! I know that this is the real church of Jesus Christ here on the earth and that he leads and guides it by his living prophet and apostles!! Love you all!!

Elder Jarman

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My new are is called Kennedy! In the zone Dorado!

Week #57
Hey Everyone!!

So Im doing pretty well! This week was a little crazy but it went well in the end! My new are is called Kennedy! In the zone Dorado! 

First off last Monday we took and 8 and a half hour bus ride to Chiclayo and it was horrible! We were on the top story of a double decker bus on a windy road for like 7 hours and it was terrible! My head was killing me the whole time but we ended up getting to Chiclayo without any incidents! When we got to Chiclayo it was really pretty cold outside but it felt really good! We unpacked and we went to the office and President and Sister Williams took us out to dinner with out companions! After that we went back to our area and we ended up getting to the room at like 9:45ish and i unpacked a little bit and then went to bed. The next morning i woke up and it was pretty cold and on top of that we dont have warm water so its not very fun to take a shower... Were going to move at the end of the month though to a room that does have warm water! 

So being back in Chiclayo is pretty cool but id rather be in Jaen! My area is really dirty and dusty! Almost all of the streets are dirt and the wind blows pretty hard so the dust is constantly getting in your eyes.. My new area is pretty small too! Anyways it will take a little time to get used to it but it should be fun! 

My new companion is Elder Hinostroza! He's from Lima!! Hes the only member in his family so its pretty cool that he came on a mission! All in all it should be fun and we'll work hard together!

Its always a little hard to leave an area and to go to a new one and get to know other people all over again and to have to learn the area all over again but its all the mission experience and im sure it will help me later on in life with something!

So we are working with one investigator who is 65 years old who has a baptismal date for the 8th of november! Hes really pretty cool and accepts everything pretty well the only thing is that he cant really walk anymore so we have to go get him to go to chuch and even then sometimes he says he cant go because he didnt get ready or things like that but well see how things turn out and if hes ready to get baptized the 8th..

We are working a lot with reactivating members of the church who are now less actives! The ward here is a little weak and it doesnt have a very good attendence rate so were working on reactivating some of the members and we have some families who are really progressing which is cool! Well see how it goes later on!

All in all im doing pretty well and everythings going good! I know this church is true and thats why im on a mission! I have really gained a testimony of the church while being in the service of the lord! Its just an awesome feeling even though its hard work sometimes!

Love, Elder Jarman

Monday, October 13, 2014

Goodbye Bagua Chica, back to Chiclayo

Week #56
Hey Everyone!!

So there have been some  changes in the schedule this week.... Two days ago they called us and told us that my companion and i have emergency changes... They are closing down the area Bagua Chica and we are getting changed to Chiclayo!! To be honest i was kind of bummed because i was really starting to get used to everything and this week we had a really good week too! I guess its what the Lord wants though.

So this week went really well! i dont really have much time to write because were squeezing internet time in right before we take a 7 hour busride to Chiclayo.. Anyways we went out contacting a lot more and we actually found lots of new people and it was really cool! Its kind of a bummer that were leaving now.  On Sunday we had a family come to church for the first time and it was awesome!! Thats another reason why its kind of a bummer to leave but thats the way the mission is! Adapting to new things all the time! The members here are going to have a lot more work to do now!

So what they have told me so far is that i will be going to the area called Kennedy in the zone Dorado. I havent really heard much about it yet. Ill tell you guys all about it next Monday! 

Sorry its so short its all i had time for and sorry there arent any pictures too.. We already packed up all of our stuff and  i didnt have the camera cords on hand. Talk to you guys next week! I know this church is true and watching conference made me realize how organized  Christs church is and its another testimony that its really the Church of Jesus Christ!! Love you all!

Elder Jarman

Monday, October 6, 2014

Bagua Capital, as the people like to call it!

Week #55
Hey Everyone!

Its going to be short this week sorry!!

Well this week all together went pretty well! It was a little crazy too! This week here in Peru were the elections and so this week all the parties were in the streets and were going crazy this week! Almost every single night there were fireworks going off and sometimes they would wake us up in the middle of the night!! It was crazy but now that the elections are over it should be better! 

Today we tried to go to some archeological sight but it ended up being closed and that was a bummer because we payed to get there and then we had to walk like an hour back to the town in the heat all for basically nothing.. We did get a couple cool pictures but that about it!

This week since there were elections we didnt have church meetings yesterday so they are going to pass the General conference for Peru this Saturday and Sunday! We did get to watch the majority of it though at the Bishops house! It was all translated in spanish and when the spanish speakers went up to give their talk it was their normal voice!! It was pretty cool! The man who spoke in Portuguese was translated into spanish too so i didnt get to see how much i understanded. When Richard G. Scott spoke his talk was in spanish but in his own voice since he know Spanish and that was pretty cool! So this week well get to watch the conferece again and that should be cool! 

Well im starting to get used to everything here in Bagua Capital as the people like to call it! We have been looking for a new room this past week and we think we have found a new room so we might be moving soon! Other than that alls going well! More to come next week! Hopefully the internet works better next week!! Love you all! The church is ture! We have a living prophet on the earth today who says and does the same things that Jesus Christ would say if he were here with us! 

Elder Jarman

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bagua Chica

Week #54
Hey everyone!!

So this week has been a little crazy with all the changes and everything that has been going on! So as you know i had an interchange and i have been called to serve in the Bagua Chica area of the zone Jaen. 

In the beginning i was a little bummed for a couple of reasons. First off i was going from a really hot area of the mission to basically the hottest area of the mission! The other reason i was pretty bummed is that in Bagua were pretty far away from all the other missionaries! There were sisters in our area but they just took them out so were the only two missionaries here! We go down once a month to Jaen to have the Zone meetings and then we don't see the other missionaries for another month! Thats a little bit of a bummer but it could be worse! I'm still pretty happy that at least once a month i will be able to see my old pension! Every time after the zone meetings were going to go eat lunch with her so that should be fun!!

It was really pretty sad leaving everyone in Morro Solar but hopefully i will be able to see all of them again! So Bagua Chica is an hour away from Jaen in car and when we got to Bagua the room was a disaster so we spent a couple hours cleaning everything up and organizing everything and then we went to go eat lunch! Lunch was pretty good and then Pensionistas name is Noelia and shes pretty cool! I miss my old pensions food but Sister Noelia is pretty cool! Ill just have to get used to the food! We ate a meal called cau cau! Its cow stomach and it wasn't the greatest thing Ive had before! Haha! It was like eating little pieces of rubber! It looked really weird though! So im still getting used to Bagua and im sure ill start to see the good things after a little while!

On Friday we went back down to Jaen and we had a zone meeting with President Williams and his wife and it was really good! I really learned a lot and he talked a lot about the importance of the families! I feel like i have a lot of things to work and and a lot of things to get better on but that the time is running out way too fast! The time needs to slow down a little bit!!

Anyways thats all for now! Ill talk to you all next week and ill hopefully have some new stories and pics! I know that this work is true and its great that wherever you go in the world the church is the same! Even in little towns with little populations!! Its amazing to me and its another evidence of the truthfulness of the church! Love you all!

Elder Jarman

Hola Mama!

Comom estas! Ahorita estoy bien! Con un poco de calor pero bien!! Haha just kidding! Im doing good! Its really hot but its all good! It was really sad leaving Morro Solar!! Being there for 7 months you really get attached to the people and its hard to let them go! Oh i forgot to mention in my email who my companion is.. His name is Elder Alvarado! Hes from Piura Peru and hes actually from my group in the CCM but ive got a month more than he does! Hes pretty cool and we should be able to do some good!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I am officially the oldest person in the Zone!

Week #53
Hey Everyone!!

Well this week has been pretty good but pretty crazy at the same time!!

I was almost 100% positive that i was going to have a change and i ended up being half right! Haha! I do have a change but its and internal change! That means that i will still be in Jaen but i don't know what area until tomorrow afternoon! So i will let everyone know whats happening next week!

So this week was a little crazy because i was worrying about packing all the suitcases and about leaving pictures and things with people! I still have some things to pack but its all good now because i have more time since im not going to Chiclayo! Im going to be in Jaen for such a long time its crazy!!! Wherever the Lord needs me that's where i will serve though and i guess im needed here in Jaen still! This means that i am officially the oldest person in the zone! All the people I came to Jaen with all left already! 

Anyways this week we were able to meet a couple new people and we had some pretty good lessons with others! The work has slowed down a little bit with the new norms and things like that but its okay were not in a rush to baptize all the people we can, its more about actually converting the people and thats a new focus of the mission which is good!

Other than that im doing great and im really enjoying the mission! I hope that you all have a great week! I know that Jesus Christ suffered everything for us and that it is through him that everything is possible! Love you all!
Elder Jarman