Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Lord prepares people for us to teach

Week #93
Hey Everyone!
This week was quite a bit better than last week! So were pretty happy and chugging along in the work!
This week we have been focusing a lot on Hermana Nancy and preparing her for baptism! This week w have visited with her a couple of times and everytime she just seems so willing and ready! She is awesome! Things are on track for her to be baptized on Saturday she just needs to have her baptismal interview first! We have been trying hard this week to have her read the Book of Mormon and she is doing well so far! One cool thing is that we got to church yesterday and when we walked in the door she was already there sitting down with some ofher kids! She got there beforeus and forgoed her breakfast to come to church! We can really tell that she wants to do this! Its always so cool to see how the Lord prepares people for us to teach and when we find those people and bring them the message of the gospel the change that comes upon them and their family and the happiness that they recieve! So we are hoping and praying that all goes well this week and that on Saturday she will be able to have this very special experience!
Other than that this we on Wednesday we had a ward mission night activity that was planned by the the full-time and ward missionaries and it was very stressful! Im not going to lie it was hard work! We eneded up going all out on the activity and spending a lot of time in preparation for the activity! The activity was like a mini Plan of Salvation representation! There was an iron rod the people had to follow to get to the tree of life but they had to pass by all these rooms that had movies and karaoke and other fun games that were acting as distractions! Its kind of hard to explain it over the computer but after all said and done it went pretty well and we were abe to learn more about Jesus Christ and his wonderful Atonement that he gives to us! Im not going to lie im glad that its over though! The other cool thing is that some investigators and less actives came to the activity!

Other than that this week was rather normal! We weren't able to go out visiting with too many members but we were able to take advantage of the few times this week when we were able too! This week should be a lot better too because we have people signed up to go out with us this week!!

I know that Jesus Christ lives and like the hymn says "Oh it is wonderful that he should care for me enough to die for me" I'm so grateful for his sacrifice and for being our great mediator!! Love you all!!

Elder Jarman

Monday, June 22, 2015

The dedication of the Trujillo Peru Temple

Week #92

Hola Everyone!!
Well this week had been tough not going to lie! The whole week we haven't really had any success but Sunday made up for all of it!
Tuesday was a pretty cool day and about the only good day we had the whole week! I did a work visit with Elder Epperson from my group! After the District meeting we went with each other and i went to his area and my companion and his companion went to our area! It was pretty cool! We had a good day and i was able to learn a lot from Elder Epperson! It was kind of strange being with someone from my own group but fun at the same time!!
Wednesday through Saturday were hard days for us! All the members who told us they were going to come out with all failed on us!! That didnt allow us to visit any of the women we had appointements with and we almost werent able to visit Hermana Nancy.. On Friday we had an appointment with her and the member was there in his house but just didnt come out and kind of like disappeared.. So we went to our ward mission leaders house whos having a little bit of back problems right now and he was willing to sacrifice for us and miraculously we were able to visit Hermana Nancy and we had a good lesson with her and shes doing awesome!! Thats another thing that keeps us going during the difficult week! The joy that we see when the people make those changes in their lives and are so willing to accept the gospel!!
The other really awesome thing was what happened on Sunday! On Sunday was the dedication of the Trujillo Peru Temple and it was aweomse!! There were 3 sessions and we were able to attend all three of them and the spirirt was very strong! Presidente Dieter F. Uchtdorf and Elder David A. Bednar came to do the Temple Dedication and we heard awesome talk and messages and it was all really cool! Also the night before we watched the cultural event for the Temple where they did all these native dances and it was a really fun experience! It was a good way to end a rather tough week that we had! The good news is that theres a new Temple in the world and that Nancy Penas is progressing very well! Were still keeping up the hard work!
I know that Families can be together forever through the sacred Priesthood power that God has restored to the Earth through the prophet Joseph Smith! I love you all! God love you too!
Elder Jarman

Monday, June 15, 2015

If all goes well while you are all partying for the 4th of July I will be in a baptism!! :)

Week #91
Hey Everyone!!

So this week went a whole lot better!! I am finally getting to know the area a little bit better and we were able to have some success this week which felt good!!

I guess ill start with the coolest thing that happened this week! On Saturday we had a great lesson with Nancy P. in which we explained to her about baptism! We talked for a while and it ended up being a long but awesome lesson! She explained to us how she has felt the "Spirit"! I put it in parenthesis because she didnt use those words but she literally explained almost all of the fruits of the spirit which lets us know that she really has felt the spirit! We invited her to be baptized on the 4th of July and she accepted!!!! So if all goes well while you are all partying for the 4th of July I will be in a baptism!! :) She came to church on Sunday too which was awesome!! She is progressing very well and we are very happy right now!!!

So other than that this week we were able to do divisions on Thursday with some of the members which was cool! I was kind of nervous that i wouldnt know the area but it ended up being fine! We had a lot of success that day too which was awesome!! Everyday this week besides one we were able to have a member come with us which was super cool! Thats one of the perks of being in a big ward!! Saturday was a day of a lot of walking and a lot of contacts!! Pomalca is a very dusty place.. after walking around for so long contacting the people you can wipe youre face off and you can feel all the dirt thats on your face.. you can also feel it in your hair and its all rather nasty.. 

On Tuesday we were able to do a service for our pension which was really cool! They serve us so much and we cant really pay them back for their service so it was cool to be able to do a service for her and her family! We helped knock down two walls in her house and take all the debris out! It was actually kind of fun but we finished pretty tired and sore but it felt good to do service!!

Sunday we had stake conference with lot of the other members in the stake! It was really good and the talks were good! It was really hot in there but what made it so awesome was that Nancy came with her daughter and her niece and it was so cool! She is so awesome!!

My companion and i are getting to know each other better and hes teaching me some of the slang they use in Bolivia and everything going great!! The pension son-in-law is going to bring us Pizza Hut tonight for dinner too which im excited for! First time in like a year and a couple months!!

Well i hope you all have a great week! Love you guys! I know that God lives and LOVES us! 

Elder Jarman

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Las Delicias in the zone Pomalca

Week #90
Hey Everyone!!

Well this week has been good and long and hard and cool all at the same time!!

So my new companion is Elder Isai Coca! Hes from Oruru Bolivia and hes got about 2 months in the mission! I will be finishing his training! Oh and i got called to the area Las Delicias in the zone Pomalca.. Its quite different than Morrope! I miss Morrope but im getting used to my new area too!! My new area is pure dirt roads and there is quite a bit of dust!! The nastiest thing though is that there is a river of sewer water that divides our area in half and everyday we have to go across it to visit some investigators! They have these little bridges made of sticks that they have tied together and strung across the river thing and it smells absoultely HORRIBLE!! I cant really describe the smell over the keyboard but it smells horrible!! Ill take a picture of it and send it next week!

So far the area seems pretty big and it will probably take me a little bit to get to know the area more but its all part of the procces! Funny thing is when i was companions with Elder Quilpatay we came to Las Delicias to say goodbye and one of the families took us out to lunch and the sister in the family told me that one day i would be in this area and well she was right.. Anyways so i knew some of the people here since before getting assigned to this area! Its really wierd going from  tiny branch to a huge ward where there are like 150ish that attend church normally! On wednesday we had Ward Mission Night and there were like 50 people that came!? Thats a little more than the whole number of ward members in Morrope!? It will be nice to have the support of a whole lot of members and be able to go out with the members! Its looking good from what i have seen so far!!

We dont have a whole ton of investigators who are really progressing very well but we do have one that we recenlty started teaching this week and she came to church on Sunday with one of her kids and her niece and she came all by herself! Her name is Nancy and she is awesome!! We are really excited about her and we really think she will progress well! The other good news is that she is married!!!!! Haha thats cool!

Well other than that there isnt much to do here in Pomalca.. We had our P-day today and we basically just went out front of our room where there is a small dirt soccer field and messed around with the ball for a while and i went and got my hair cut which only costed a little over 2 dollars!? I will miss the cheap haricuts!! The thing is.. I needed to buy deoderant today and we had to walk around for like 30 mintues asking a bunch of little stores if they sold deoderant sticks and the majority of them didnt but after lots of searching i finally found some.. I will be glad to be able to go to the store and have everything there that you need!!

Well thats about it for now.. More to come next week! Love you all and hope you all have a great week! I know that Joseph Smith restored this church and the Book of Mormon is true!!
Elder Jarman

Monday, June 1, 2015

It has been great working with you Elder Kasteler!

Week #89
Hey Everyone!

Well this week was alright i guess.. We were both pretty nervous coming into the changes because we didnt really want changes... On Sunday night the zone leaders called us somewhat late at night to tell us who in the zone had changes and it turns out that i do have changes... :´( We were so bummed! Elder Bowyer finished his mission today and goes home and Sister Wood, another member of the district had changes too. So almost half of the district will have changes.. I still dont know where i will be going until tomorrow at the transfres meeting at 11AM! So next week ill have more info about where i am and who my companion is and things like that!It has been great working with you Elder Kasteler!

Well this week was rather normal! One thing that was interesting is that on Tuesday  we had our district meeting but this one had a twist on it! Everyone opted to do this district meeting in English!? There was only one latino in our district but he understands a lot of English and even he was down to do it in English! So we went down a little bit early and decorated the room a little bit with the left over decorations of Elder Kastelers b-day since it was Sister Rasmussens b-day and we surprised her when she walked into the meeting and it was pretty cool! Having the meeting in English was very strange!? I kept having to pause and really think about what i was going to say and how to say it in English since we never really talk about the Gospel in English!? Well that was the first and probably the only time that we will have an meeting in English like that but it was cool! We all took a couple pictures too because it was our last district meeting together before the changes.. It has been a great District and I will miss all of them!

Other than that this week has been pretty hard to contact since we've basically contacted all of Morrope twice!? Now its kind of just like walking around and trying to visit people we've talked to before.. This week wasn't too bad though! We went out with our branch president twice this week to visit and it was pretty cool! We are having trouble finding investigators who will progress but we have been working alot witht he recent converts and less active members of the church and we have had some success with them recenlty which is pretty cool!

I have really enjoyed working here in Morrope!! It has had its difficulties such as when there wasnt water for almost a month and the power shut off more that it should normally but it was awesome! I have really come to have lots of friends here and love the people! Since its such a small town and we know a whole lot of people now from contacting so much it feels cool being in Morrope! I really feel like the branch has become like my family and the members are awesome and it will be pretty sad to leave them but i guess the Lord needs me somewhere else right now! Bye Morrope! You will be loved!

Thats really all for this week.. Nothing too interesting.. More to come next week! I know that the example is a powerful teacher! Everyone is watching us and learning from us and we have to be as light for the rest of the world to see! Matt 5:14-16 and 1 Timothy 4:12! Love you all!

Elder Jarman