Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Las Delicias in the zone Pomalca

Week #90
Hey Everyone!!

Well this week has been good and long and hard and cool all at the same time!!

So my new companion is Elder Isai Coca! Hes from Oruru Bolivia and hes got about 2 months in the mission! I will be finishing his training! Oh and i got called to the area Las Delicias in the zone Pomalca.. Its quite different than Morrope! I miss Morrope but im getting used to my new area too!! My new area is pure dirt roads and there is quite a bit of dust!! The nastiest thing though is that there is a river of sewer water that divides our area in half and everyday we have to go across it to visit some investigators! They have these little bridges made of sticks that they have tied together and strung across the river thing and it smells absoultely HORRIBLE!! I cant really describe the smell over the keyboard but it smells horrible!! Ill take a picture of it and send it next week!

So far the area seems pretty big and it will probably take me a little bit to get to know the area more but its all part of the procces! Funny thing is when i was companions with Elder Quilpatay we came to Las Delicias to say goodbye and one of the families took us out to lunch and the sister in the family told me that one day i would be in this area and well she was right.. Anyways so i knew some of the people here since before getting assigned to this area! Its really wierd going from  tiny branch to a huge ward where there are like 150ish that attend church normally! On wednesday we had Ward Mission Night and there were like 50 people that came!? Thats a little more than the whole number of ward members in Morrope!? It will be nice to have the support of a whole lot of members and be able to go out with the members! Its looking good from what i have seen so far!!

We dont have a whole ton of investigators who are really progressing very well but we do have one that we recenlty started teaching this week and she came to church on Sunday with one of her kids and her niece and she came all by herself! Her name is Nancy and she is awesome!! We are really excited about her and we really think she will progress well! The other good news is that she is married!!!!! Haha thats cool!

Well other than that there isnt much to do here in Pomalca.. We had our P-day today and we basically just went out front of our room where there is a small dirt soccer field and messed around with the ball for a while and i went and got my hair cut which only costed a little over 2 dollars!? I will miss the cheap haricuts!! The thing is.. I needed to buy deoderant today and we had to walk around for like 30 mintues asking a bunch of little stores if they sold deoderant sticks and the majority of them didnt but after lots of searching i finally found some.. I will be glad to be able to go to the store and have everything there that you need!!

Well thats about it for now.. More to come next week! Love you all and hope you all have a great week! I know that Joseph Smith restored this church and the Book of Mormon is true!!
Elder Jarman

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