Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The lady was inspired to come out and we got our Churros!

Week #88
Hey Everyone!!

So this week went pretty well and there were some cool things that happened!

So on Tuesday we went down to Lambayeque to have our district meeting as usual and all went well but after the meeting we did an interchange for a day! So i stayed in Lambayeque and went with an Elder named Elder Kenison! Hes from Lehi Utah and hes got like 9 months in the mission and hes really cool! Tuesday after noon we went out proselyting in his area and my companion went with Elder Watkins to Morrope for a day. We had a pretty good day i guess! We went out with a member named Junior and were able to have a couple of lessons! At night we went to visit this one house and there were soooooo many mosquitos!!! Everytime you swung your hand at them you could hit like two of them! If you stood still for more than 2 second there would be like 4 of them that would bite you! It was crazy!? So we kind of just left that area so as to not get eaten by mosquitos! At night we ate Pollo a la Brasa too! Yummy!

The next day our companions came down at like 8:30ish and we talked a little bit about how it went and then Elder Kasteler and I headed back up to Morrope! To be honest Wednesday and Thursday were super hard and long days!? We hardly got into any houses and we werent able to do many contacts! It seemed like nobody wanted to let us into their houses! Its getting extremely hard in Morrope to do contacts now because we have literally almost knocked every single door in Morrope twice! We have been able to find some cool new people but not very many for how many contacts we have done and the people we have found arent really progressing at all yet.. The cool thing about Wednesday and Thursday is that even though we didnt have very many lessons we had quality lessons with some new people! One new family we found who are really cool is Raquel and Hernesto! They had some really good questions and were hoping that this week they can come to church! Were still churggin along even though its getting harder and harder every week to meet out goals!

On Saturday was my companions birthday so as a birthday present we went out contacting all morning!!;) Happy Birthday Elder Kasteler!! Haha! We dont really get breaks as missionaries but its alright it feels goood to work hard! We ended up having a decent day and some thing went our way! Normally the Churro cart doesnt come out on Saturday but im sure that since it was Elder Kasteler birthday the lady was inspired to come out and we got our Churros! When the day came to an end we went and bought Pollo a la Brasa and had a mini little party if you could even call it that in our room! It was a missionary birthday but hey it ended up being a good day!!

Sunday was our district conference which is basically a stake conference but since were not a stake its called a district conference.. Its was pretty goo but it was way hot in the church builiding and wearing our suits didnt help much.. President Williams was supposed to come to the conference but he had something else he needed to do which was a bummer but its alright! Sunday afternoon we were able to go out with some members which was cool! That was the first time inthe whole week we went out with member and we were actually pretty successful which was a nice end to the week!

Today we went down to Lambayeque and went to this super old house that you can tour that was built in 1787!? We went down there with Elder Bowyer to hang out with him since its his last P-Day before he goes home!? We ate lunch afterward and all in all it was really pretty cool!

All in all it was a pretty good week! This week is the last week of the change and so on Monday well know who has changes!? Thats all for now! I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the perfect tool to overcome our challenges and that you can find an answer to ANY question in the scriptures! Love you all!!

Elder Jarman
 Elder Jarman says this area he has had the nicest apartment in his whole mission.

 More from the museum

Monday, May 18, 2015

All good here in Morrope!

Week #87
Hey Everyone!!

So this week went pretty well!

On Monday we stayed here in Morrope and literally did about nothing because there is nothing fun here to do on P.days!

Tuesday was a good day though! Tuesday we had our Multi-zone conference where we went down to Chilclayo with 3 other zones and we had a big meeting with President and Sister Williams! The whole meeting was awesome and i feel like i learned a lot about the importance of a good scripture study and using the scriptures more in our teachings and President talked about some other cool things like working with members and also about Jacob 5 and how it applies to missionary work!! Overall it was a really good conference and i learned a lot! It lasted from 9AM to 6:45ish when we ended up getting back to Morrope! The other cool thing is that we got to eat McDonald's for the Mulitzone! When we got back to Morrope the power was out and it was super dark so we couldn't really do much! This week on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday there was no power at night so we weren't able to really do much..

On Thursday we had a long day but some members came out with us which was really cool! Friday our Branch President came out visiting with us too and we were able to have some good lessons with him! On Friday night we were in charge of ward mission night so since it was the anniversary of the priesthood we played Jeopardy with questions about the Priesthood and it went really well! The only problem is that for our ward mission nights we are getting any investigators that come or nobody id bringing their friends which is kind of a bummer! Saturday was a pretty good day full or work!!

Sunday we had no investigators or less actives in church which was really a bummer for us! Its hard to not see the fruits of your labor! Hopefully next week well have some people come to church!!

Today was a super awesome day! So there is this museum called Tumbas Reales de Sipan that is in Lambayeque but the thing is its only open Tuesday through Saturday.  We were trying to find a way to go but today just so happens to be International Museum day so today the museum was open and it was free!! So we went down to Lambayeque and as a district all went to the museum at 9AM! The thing is since it was free all the schools were taking their kids there like as a filed trip so it was packed with kids from all different ages and it was really cool but it would have been better if there weren't so many kids running around screaming and pushing and whatever else! I mean don't get me wrong it was still awesome but i wish there wouldn't have been so many kids! We ha a couple members of the church who work their give us a tour of the whole thing explaining everything but it was hard to hear sometimes because of all the yelling! I'm still really glad we got to go because that was like the one day we would have been able to go and it just so happened to fall on a Monday so we were able to go!! Anyways this week has been pretty awesome! Were hoping next week will be a little better but were all good here in Morrope!

I know that God gives us challenges sometimes but he always gives us the way to overcome them and to learn from them afterwards! I love the scripture Ether 12:6! Have a great week everyone!!

Elder Jarman
 Elder Harper, Sister Rasmussen, and Elder Jarman (a little slice of home)
 Tumbas Reales de Sipan

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!

Week #86
Hey Everyone!!

So this week has been really awesome!!

So we have recently been working really hard to find some new people who are really interested in progressing and we have been trying to get others to progress for almost two months now without really much success but this week was a week full of miracle for us!!

So on Monday we went to this gift shop right next to one of the museums in Lambayeque and we bought some cool souvenirs and it was pretty fun! We also ate at a really nice restaurant called Mis Algarrobos and it was delicious! Well have to go back there again some time! Then we came back and the rest of the night we tried visiting people but we didn't have any luck! So it was kind of a rough start for the week but we still felt pretty good about the new week!

Tuesday ended up being an awesome day!! We went contacting all morning and none of them were super cool besides one person! We contacted a lady named Maria and she said we could come back another time and so we left to knock on the next door and right when we started talking to the next person she came back out of her house and called us over so my comp went over and talked to her while i talked to the other person and it turns out that she and her husband wanted us to come back at 6! So we came back at 6 and they let us in and we had a great lesson with Maria and Flores! They showed a genuine interest in learning more and they told us they wanted us to teach them about marriage and baptism! That was like music to our ears! We scheduled and appointment to go back but throughout the rest of this week we haven't been able to find them but were definitely going to try hard this week to find them! Tuesday we also had the first lesson with an 18 year old kid we had contacted last week named Cristian! He was really cool and he was really interested in what we had to say! He accepted the message really well and we also made appointment}s to go back but weren't able to find him so were going to try again this week!

So we have a slogo in the mission that is basically like "We study in the morning, work in the afternoon, and see the miracles at night" and This week we have really seen that come to pass! Almost every single day of this week when we were going back to the room there would be people that would call us over and ask us questions and want us to visit them and it didn't just happen one but a few times this week! This week had definitely been a week of tender mercies!

Another tender mercy was that somehow we were able to talk with our families! Our original plan was to go down to Lambayeque to an internet that said they were going to be open and that had cameras but right before we went to Lambayeque some of the Elders from down there called us and told us the internet was closed so we started thinking about what we were going to do and so we went around looking for some investigator or whoever that would have a camera and miraculously the first person we talked to had a camera and let us borrow it! So that was the first problem solved but then we had to go find an internet that would work with the camera and with the headphones and the microphone and we ended up walking around for like 2 hours trying to get it all to work but in the end it all turned out well and we got to talk with out families! 

So yeah this week was awesome!! Something that was really cool is that on Friday w had our zone meeting and the subject of the meeting was Enduring to the End! We have been doing that for a few weeks now trying to find new investigators and finally this week we have started to see some of the fruits of our endurance!! This week felt good! I know that enduring to the end is one of the most important principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that enduring to the end will bring many blessings! Some blessing will come immediately and some a little bit later but some will not come until much later!! They will come though!!!!! Love you all!! Have a great week!!

Elder Jarman
Us making cookies for mothers day and the girl on the very right of the picture is from the Inland Empire California! She is there doing a peace corps service! How weird that we would run into another person from California who speaks perfect English in Morrope!
 My Skype view

Mothers Day Skype


Monday, May 4, 2015

Church is above a little hardware store

Week #85
Hey Everyone!

So this week was pretty good but overall it was a pretty uneventful week again..

We are working hard with all of our investigators and we are meeting all of our goals which is awesome but we are having lots of trouble getting the investigators to keep their commitments! They always say that they are going to read or going to come to church but they rarely come through with their promises! Its kind of sad to see because were working so hard but we aren't really seeing any of the fruits of our labors yet! At church this week we didn't have any investigators come which was a bummer but hopefully next week will be much better!

So Alex is still healing from his feet but hes doing a lot better now and we think that soon he will be able to start coming out to visit with us which will be awesome! This past week Olivos was away at work the whole week so we were only able to have very few visits with members this week but were hoping that this new week will be much better because Olivos will be here and who knows.. maybe Alex will be able to come with us!

So something cool that happened this week is that we made a gigantograph of the logo of the church to put up on the chapel house so that people can recognize where the church was! It was pretty cool looking and we kind of wanted to make the sign to hang it up on the church but the branch president gave it to someone else to do and it didn't really turn out they way we wanted it to but i guess the good thing is that we have a placard that people can see on the church! Hopefully it will last a while!!

Another cool thing is that we have a new pet dog that just follows us round all over the place! His name is Toby and its really funny because when he sees us ell come running over to us and then heel follow us around wherever we go! He probably wants food more than anything but we don't really have anything to give him! I don't even really like dogs that much but its kind of funny how he follows us around!

Nothing much else happened this week! Sorry for the short letter! Anyways i know that God has an infinite love for us and it is for that reason that he sent his son to atone for us!

Elder Jarman
 The District
 Churro cart
 Selfie with Elder Kastelar
 Our new sign for the church, We meet in the upper story of this little hardware store..
 They thought it was funny to tie the drapes around my head

 This was one of the nicest restaurants Ive eaten at in my whole mission! Its called *Mis Algarrobos*! You can look it up! Its in Lambayeque and i ate some fried chicken with french fries and it was actually really good!!