Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Church is above a little hardware store

Week #85
Hey Everyone!

So this week was pretty good but overall it was a pretty uneventful week again..

We are working hard with all of our investigators and we are meeting all of our goals which is awesome but we are having lots of trouble getting the investigators to keep their commitments! They always say that they are going to read or going to come to church but they rarely come through with their promises! Its kind of sad to see because were working so hard but we aren't really seeing any of the fruits of our labors yet! At church this week we didn't have any investigators come which was a bummer but hopefully next week will be much better!

So Alex is still healing from his feet but hes doing a lot better now and we think that soon he will be able to start coming out to visit with us which will be awesome! This past week Olivos was away at work the whole week so we were only able to have very few visits with members this week but were hoping that this new week will be much better because Olivos will be here and who knows.. maybe Alex will be able to come with us!

So something cool that happened this week is that we made a gigantograph of the logo of the church to put up on the chapel house so that people can recognize where the church was! It was pretty cool looking and we kind of wanted to make the sign to hang it up on the church but the branch president gave it to someone else to do and it didn't really turn out they way we wanted it to but i guess the good thing is that we have a placard that people can see on the church! Hopefully it will last a while!!

Another cool thing is that we have a new pet dog that just follows us round all over the place! His name is Toby and its really funny because when he sees us ell come running over to us and then heel follow us around wherever we go! He probably wants food more than anything but we don't really have anything to give him! I don't even really like dogs that much but its kind of funny how he follows us around!

Nothing much else happened this week! Sorry for the short letter! Anyways i know that God has an infinite love for us and it is for that reason that he sent his son to atone for us!

Elder Jarman
 The District
 Churro cart
 Selfie with Elder Kastelar
 Our new sign for the church, We meet in the upper story of this little hardware store..
 They thought it was funny to tie the drapes around my head

 This was one of the nicest restaurants Ive eaten at in my whole mission! Its called *Mis Algarrobos*! You can look it up! Its in Lambayeque and i ate some fried chicken with french fries and it was actually really good!!

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