Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

We got water back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week #84
Hey Everyone!

So this week nothing much happened so sorry if this letter ends up being a really short one..

The best thing that happened to us this week is that we got water back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is hard to describe with words how happy we were!! It came back on Friday morning which is our weekly planning day and so we took a little bit of that time to take a real shower after 26 days of not taking a shower!! We also ended up cleaning up the bathroom finally!! It is such a nice feeling to take a real shower and to have a clean room and especially a clean bathroom! I will now try not take water for granted ever again!! So during the time when we didn't have water we were given basically two buckets every two days for the whole almost 4 weeks. With that water we had to flush the toilet and take showers and wash our hands and everything like that.. So to flush the toilet we just poured the water in the toilet and with a little bottle washed our hands.. To shower we put some water in a bucket and with a cut in half two liter bottle just poured it on us.. It was not a very fun process and you never felt truly clean after that.. So were super happy we have water back now!!! Hopefully it doesn't go out again!!

So anyways since nothing really happened that was too interesting this week im just going to mention some weird things or funny things or just whatever..

So right now my companion is Elder Kasteler! Hes from Bountiful Utah and hes 18 years old.. He makes me feel kind of old.. haha! Anyways he a really cool missionary and were working hard together but we also like to joke around and have a fun so were never really stressed out which is cool! Our new district is awesome too! Everybody is a really hard worker and the crazy thing is 7 of the 8 people are gringos.. What!? Thats kind of nuts!! Its really cool though! I'm stoked for this next change because everyone's really cool and everyone's working really hard!! One cool thing is that Sister Rasmussen is in my District now too! Small world!!

So anyways in Morrope we are really having a struggle getting people to come to church and so therefore nobody is really progressing at all! We have knocked basically every door in Morrope now and nothing has really come of it so we are starting round two of knocking every single door and will keep doing that until people get tired of shutting the door on us!! Hopefully within the next weeks we can really find some people who are going to progress!!

Some things we really like about Morrope are that, when there's water, its a really small nice and clam town!! Almost everybody walk in the middle of the streets including us and the cows and goats and everything and everybody really!! Another thing that we really like is that there is a lady and her son who walk around with a Churro cart! The churrosare these bread things fried in oil with this type of caramel filling dipped in sugar !! They are super good and we have been getting them lots recently! It really brightens up the day when things aren't really going our way!!

Not much else is really happening in Morrope besides the fact that i gave a talk on Sunday and everything is generally a little harder with a small little branch but its a fun experience and were thrusting our sickles in with our might and doing our best!! Were two pretty happy missionaries right now in Morrope just trying to work our hardest!! 

Thats all for now guys! I know that God will give revelation to those that ask with a sincere heart and real intent! Love you all!!

Elder Jarman

Our reflection in a water well.
An empty lot that we have already planned to build a chapel.
Eating dinner
Our new district after playing volleyball, and there is Sister Rasmussen!

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