Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A week of ups and downs

Week #81
Hey Everyone!!

Well hope you all had a good week! Sorry if its kind of short but the internet is really slow here!!

Anyways so Monday was a good day as usual! We went to a members house and we made some hamburgers and they were pretty good! They weren't as good as In-N-Out but they werent too shabby! Then we came back to Morrope and wrote and went out visiting a couple people without too much luck.. This week we had some goals to do a lot more contacts which is just like knocking on doors or stopping people in the street to share a principle about the gospel and try to make an appointment so on Monday we started off by doing a couple of contacts that night!

Tuesday we had the district meetings in the morning and we analyzed our goals and i gave a lesson a little bit about faith and i feel like it went really well and i personally was able to learn a lot more about faith that what i had previously known! After the meetings we came back and had lunch which was just the usual rice and chicken but Ive kind of gotten used to it by know and its not that bad.. After lunch we went out proselyting and it was kind of a hard day because we literally got into nobody's house!?! We walked around doing contacts almost all day because all of our appointments fell through! Man did my feet hurt!

Wednesday morning we went out and visited a recent convert named Maria Bances and it was pretty cool! We talked a little bit about Jesus Christ and is Resurrection! This week that has been a big focus for us and it was really cool being able to focus on Jesus Christ even though we do it all the time! Then we did some more contacts and in the afternoon we went out with a member named Alex and it ended up being a really good day!! We were able to visit five different people or families with him! Some of them were new people too which was awesome!! Wednesday ended up being one of the best days of this week besides the fact that the water in all of Morrope went out on Wednesday! It had really gone out on Monday but since there was a tank on top of out house it lasted until Wednesday... but the pump that takes the water to the whole town broke down and so we have been without water for almost a week now and are having to take showers with buckets and use our water very sparingly... Its really a bummer and its very uncomfortable because we don't get very much water to use... Why cant the water just come back!!

Thursday was a sweet day too! We didn't go out with a member but we did do a lot of contacts and some other lessons with some new people too! We are really trying to find a lot more new people right now because we don't really have very many people to teach right now so it was cool to find a couple new people!

Friday morning we had weekly planning but during weekly planning i started to feel a little sick and after lunch i took my temperature and i ended up having a fever but we still went out proselyting because we needed to meet our goals and we also had an activity with the branch but when we got to the activity i started feeling worse so we went back to the room and i ended up throwing up and it went downhill from there.. All Friday night i felt horrible and Saturday morning too! Saturday afternoon i felt a tiny bit better so we went down to Lambayeque to watch conference and we got to watch it in English which was awesome but i didn't feel very good so i didn't get as much out of it as normal... Sunday i felt quite a bit better but my stomach didn't feel the best yet and i didn't feel like eating anything but a hamburger... So ya i didn't feel the greatest these past couple of days but i feel better now! 

So this week went more or less well with a couple of downs.. No water and being sick at the same time! Its a tricky thing being sick and not having water! Anyways im sure this week will be a lot better! I know the Apostles and Prophets are called by God and I'm so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ! Love you all!!
Elder Jarman

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