Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

We are going to do work!!

Week #80
Hey Everyone!!

So i guess this week went really well but it was a little strange!!

Monday we didnt really do much after P-day because there wasnt any power but we did go visit a recent convert named Hellen and her Mom and while we were there in here house the power came back on but it was already too late to write..

Tuseday we went to the district meetings in the morning and afterwards we came back to Morrope and were able to write our families! After we wrote we basically went out the rest of the day visiting people and Elder Segura was saying goodbye to all of them and it went pretty well i guess! At night lots of the members of the branch came to the pensions house and threw Elder Segura a little goodbye party and had a little tesimony meeting afterwards! Goodbyes are always sad...

On Wednesday morning Elder Segura got all of his stuff all packed up and ready to go and we went to say some last goodbyes to some people and then we ate lunch and we were off to the office! When we got to the office the three Elders that were going home got to go out to eat whatever they wanted and the Zone leaders came to pick me up so i could stay with them until the next day for the emergency changes! We had a decent day with the Zone leaders and we did divisions and i went with a member and we went and taught a lesson to a new investigator and then we met back up and all went together to teach another lesson and all in all it was a good day! 

Thursday morning we studied and then the Zone leaders and then they finished the work visit that they were doing and ate like 3:30ish we went to the office and the Zone leaders dropped me off there until my new companion got there.. They didnt tell me who my new companion was going to be until like 15 minutes before he got there... I ended up waiting in the office for a couple of hours and my copmanion finally got there at like 5:50ish! My new companion is Elder Kasteler! Hes from Bountiful Utah and hes got about 9 months in the mission! Were excited to be working together and we are going to do work!! Its going to be fun!! Anyways so we left Chiclayo at about 6:20ish and we got to Morrope at 7ish and we went and set his stuff down and we went out to see if we could visit some people but none of the people we visited were there..

Friday we had weekly planning and we made some new goals for the month of April and were excited about the new goals we made! After lunch we went out visiting and had a pretty good day i guess! We were able to visit a couple of people and do some contacts!! This week wasn't super productive because there were some minor setbacks and a couple of days when we werent in Morrope but after all it turned out pretty well!!

Saturday morning we went out and did some contacts in the morning and just knocked some doors but really didnt have a whole bunch of luck with that! Saturday we started our fast after lunch and it ended up being a really long day because we were walking around all day with no water and no break which was pretty tiring but we made it through Saturday and it went pretty well! 

Sunday went pretty well! In the morning we had fast and testimony meeting and that was cool! We had an investigator come to church and we also had a less active come to church which was sweet! We taught Gospel Principles in the second hour with only two people in the class and in the third hour we had a class by one of the counselors of the mission Peru Chiclayo and it was pretty good!! Afterwards we had Branch Council and then we went and broke our fast!! This Sunday went really well in the afternoon! Since we dont really have very many inevstigators here we did some more contacts and about half of the people doors who we knocked let us in their houses and it was super cool! 

All in all it ended up being a pretty good week but were excited about next week and working hard and especially about General Conference and we are going to get to watch it in English!!!! I know this church is guided by a true prophet today and this week we will have the opportunity to hear his words and have the spirit testify to us that his words are true!! Love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Jarman

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