Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

18 Months?!

Week #77
Hey Everybody!!

Hope you all had a great week! We had a pretty good week but it was definitely difficult some of the days!?

Anyways so on Monday we played soccer again in the morning! It was really fun as always but for some reason i always end up having a headache at the end! Then we basically just hung out until night time! Some one called us that day to go with them to teach a lesson that night so at 8 we went with him to teach the lesson! The lesson was very strange though.. We went to teach this girl who they thought was possessed by a demon but the Bishop had already given her a blessing and he said that it was just something wrong with her nervous system and what looked like the start of schizophrenia.. During the lesson she was making weird faces and was drinking water and spitting it on the ground and throwing it on herself and it was all pretty strange but the lesson went well though! We haven't heard anything else about the girl since..

Tuesday and Wednesday and were some of the harder days for us.. Every time we would go out and wed have the awesomely planned days full of appointments with lots of people but when we would get to there houses they were always busy, weren't there, or the worst one of all, they would be there in there houses and open up the curtains and see us and then just never open up the door.. So yeah this week was kind of hard in that aspect! We manage to do alright by the end of the week goal-wise so that was pretty cool but a lot of the days were just really discouraging sometimes!! We kept on going though and we were able to have some good lessons and some cool experiences though! 

Thursday was weekly planning because on Friday we were going to have the Zone meeting and in the afternoon we went out and tried to visit people but it ended up being a lot like Tuesday and Wednesday! It was kind of a bummer but we cant really control that too much! We basically just end up walking around all day trying to visit people and out feet hurt and one thing we look forward to is dinner! Every other night for dinner she gives us a big bowl of fruit and yogurt!! Its pretty awesome! After dinner on Thursday we went to the church and we had a ward missionary night for the first time all year!? So the turnout wasn't the greatest but it went alright after all! We are going to start doing that every Thursday now for the rest of the year!

Friday we went to the zone meeting that we have once a month and it went really well! We had a lesson on baptism and helping prepare the people to be baptized and how to do baptismal interviews and things like that and i feel like i learned quite a bit which was cool! Friday afternoon we went out visiting with the Bishop and hes such a cool guy!! Hes only 32 years old and hes awesome! So we went out with him expecting to have this really great day and we had some important appointments planned but they ended up all falling through!? We were super bummed! Anyways that was about all for Friday..

On Saturday morning we got up at 6 am and went running around this soccer stadium that there is in our area for a while and it was really cool and it felt nice to run like that after not having done it for a very long time!! We are going to start doing that with the Bishop like 4 days a week which will be awesome!! Then on Saturday afternoon we had a pretty decent work day! It wasn't as bad as other days this week! 

Sunday went alright i guess.. We only had one investigator in church on Sunday! Hes a really cool kid but hes only 15 years old and we've talked to his parents a lot of times but they don't want to come to church or anything like that so he wont be able to get baptized for a little while! On Sunday we had two pretty cool lessons with some of our investigators and also with a recent convert family and Sunday turned out to be a pretty good day! It was also a pretty nerve racking day because Sunday night at 9ish they call us and tell us if we have changes or not.. So we were just waiting on Sunday night for the call to see if i had changes or not and they finally called and it turns out that i have changes!! I'm kind of happy and pretty sad at the same time!! I really like this area and the people i have met and i wanted to stay for just one more change but i guess im needed in another place.. So tomorrow we will go to the changes meeting and i will find out where im going!!

It turned out being a pretty good week after all.. A little bittersweet but its a new opportunity to learn! So im going to have to go say goodbye to the members and people tonight and pack up to head out tomorrow!! One thing i know though is that the way that these things are determined is by revelation! I know that that is a marvelous thing that we take joy in as members of the church! I'm grateful for the revelation today and i know that the Church is guided by revelation today!!Love you all!!!

Elder Jarman
(Picture Credit Elder Mecham)

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