Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Looks and feels like a desert

Week #78
Hey Everyone!!

So this week has been very crazy!?!!

Okay so i don't have much time but ill try to get the big stuff in!

Monday of last week i didn't really get to say goodbye to all the people that i wanted to and it was kind of sad!! I hope that at some point i will be able to say bye to them!

Tuesday we had the transfers meeting at like 11ish in the morning! It was a fun time working with Elder Mecham and i feel like we had a lot of good times and passed some cool experiences and we were both able to help each other learn and grow!! I will miss being his companion! SO anyways at the transfers meeting i got called to be in the area: Mórrope in the zone: Lambayeque as the new District Leader!? I also am in a trio! So yeah Mórrope is a little tiny city almost out in the middle of nowhere and its got a small branch with like 35ish members that normally attend church! The city basically is surrounded by sand dunes and it looks and feels like a desert! Its not dry but pretty humid and its hot and so you're basically always sweating!? 

So yeah this week was kind of strange being in a trio because in teaching situations you don't have to talk very much because there's one more of us!! I don't really know the area very much yet but my companions, Elder Smith from Utah, and Elder Segura from Ecuador are helping me out! I don't really know that many people yet but one cool thing that happened this week is that we, or better said, they had a baptism! On Saturday a girl named Hellen got baptized and it was a really cool experience and afterwards she gave a powerful testimony! I had only visited her once so i didn't really help much in her conversion but it was cool to see and feel the powerfulness of her testimony!

Sunday we had church in the little chapel house which is only one floor with a couple rooms! It was super hot in there and we were basically sweating the whole time!! We really need to get some fans in there! Church went well and it was interesting to see how small the branch was! Its going to be pretty tough the missionary work here but it will be a good experience!

So Today we went to Lambayeque which is like 20ish minutes away in a van(Combi) and went met up with the district to play soccer for a while!! It was insanely hot outside though! While we were playing President Williams called the zone leaders and said he wanted to talk to my companion Elder Smith. He said he had been calling but we didn't answer because we were playing soccer.. So President told Elder Smith that he was going to have an emergency change and that we had to be in the office ASAP! So we went and ate then we came back and took showers and got ready and Elder Smith packed up his stuff and we headed to the office in Chiclayo to drop Elder Smith of with his new companion. So that was really crazy news!? I was only companions with Elder Smith for like 6 days... My other companion Elder Segura is going home next week because hes finishing his mission so basically we have no idea whats going to happen.. This week will be the second week of the change so when Elder Segura goes home i will either be left here in Mórrope with a mini missionary for the 3 and a half weeks left in the change or i will also get an emergency change to some other place.. We really don't know whats going to happen.. All i know is that i have to get to know the are really fast!! 

So yeah this week has been a crazy week but interesting! I'm not sure whats going to happen but im excited for this new opportunity i have to work in this area for ho ever long it ends up being.. I know that this is the same church that Jesus Christ himself established when he was here on the earth and im grateful for the blessing it is in my life!! Love you all!
Elder Jarman

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