Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

We are still without water

Week #82
So this past week went a lot better than the week before besides the fact that we are still without water... Bummer! I guess it could be worse though so were just trying to look on the bright side until the water comes back! They are saying that it should come back on Wednesday or around there so well be hoping that they are right!

Tuesday was a pretty good day i guess! What was pretty cool is that a member names Olivos came out visiting with us the whole afternoon from 3 to 8:30ish so that was awesome! What isn't so awesome is that whenever the members come out with us everything that we planned to do usually ends up falling through.. Its really a bummer when that happens but after all we ended up being able to teach a couple of people and do some contacts!

Wednesday was one of our best days that we have had this week and this whole transfer! We didnt go out with a member on Wednesday but it still ended up being a great day! We had 6 other lessons with some of our investigators and we were able to do a lot of contacts and find a couple new people to teach which was pretty cool! 

Thursday we were able to go out visiting again the whole afternoon with Hermano Olivos which was awesome! Olivos works one week the whole week and the next week only like two days so when he doesnt work he comes out visiting with us a lot! Hes only got a year and a half as a member of the church but hes awesome! Thursday was a pretty good day and we were able to visit the majority of the people that we had planned to visit!

Friday morning we had the zone meeting with the whole zone and that was the first time that i had seen all the missionaries in our zone in the whole transfer!? The training went well and we were able to learn some cool things and another cool thing is that for my B-day the zone leaders bought a cake to share and they sung me happy birthday and everything and it was pretty fun! After the zone meeting i was going to do a baptismal interview for the sister in the district but while we were waiting for the investigator to show up the sister called her and she didnt end up being able to come so we ended up just going back to Morrope but by that time we only had like 3ish hours left to go proselyting so we were able to do a whole bunch on Friday..

Saturday we had another awesome day! In the morning we went out and did a whole bunch of contacts!? We ended up doing like 30 contacts in just the morning! When we got to lunch we found out that a member of the ward named Alex had gotten hit by a moto taxi and the moto taxi had cut open both of his heels really deep and they took him to the hospital and sticthed him up and hell be in bed resting for a couple weeks but we were able to give him a blessing which is always a spiritual experience! In the afternoon we went and tried to visit some people and were able to visit a couple more people and we ended off the day pretty well!

Sunday was alright i guess! Its always a bummer when you go try to pick up the investigators and take them to church and they dant go and you get to church and none of your investigators is there.. Its really a bummer but all we can do is keep helping them! So church went pretty well and the ward council afterwards was a lot better this week which was cool! After church in the afternoon we went out proselyting but without any luck at all! It was just not our day on Sunday! We werent able to get bery much done but hopefully next Sunday will be better!

So right now were working hard even though theres no water and were struggling helping our investigators progress but we have faith that in the near future they will be able to progress! I know that this is the greatest and most important work on this earth and im greatful to be a part of it! Love you all!

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