Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

they did it out of mercy...

Week #83

The following is from Elder Jarman's mission president's wife's blog. The "two missionaries" were Damon and his comp elder Kastelar.  
"Yesterday we interviewed two missionaries who are serving in a very small town, of about 6,000 people and the whole town is without running water. The water main to the pueblito broke. A big truck with a tank comes with water about once a week and the water is rationed. The missionaries only get two buckets of water every two days in order to bathe and flush the toilet. And they say it looks and smells terrible! After their interview's, we brought them to our home to take a shower and have a bowl of fruit loops with cold milk. That is a real treat for our missionaries! I think they felt a little revived and rejuvenated. They were hoping the water would be fixed when they returned to their apartment. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed!"


Hey Everybody!! 
So this week was kind of weird but it went pretty well after all!

Last Monday we had a pretty good but crazy day! In the morning we took a combi over to Lambayeque and we went to this one University called Pedro Ruiz Gallo and looked at some of the animals they had outside the university.. Something like a tiny zoo but not really.. Anyways after that we walked to this factory called San Roque and there they make things called King Kongs they are like the sweet that Lambayeque is known for! To be honest they really arent that good! You can look them up and see what they are and ill bring one home but they taste kind of like cardboard and really arent that amazing.. Anyways we went to the factory to take a tour but they said we couldnt until 4 so we didnt end up getting to go on the tour.. After that we went out to lunch and then we went to a museum called Bruning and it was really pretty cool! It was all about history of the ancient civilizations of Peru! I have pictures that ill send next week! So all in all Monday ended up being a great day!

Tuesday we had our District meeting but we didn't manage to get the keys to the chapel so we ended up having the meeting in the living room of the sister pension but it was still pretty cool! After the meeting we stayed in Lambayeque because i had to do a baptismal interview for the sisters investigator so while we were waiting we went and just bought some little snacks in a little store called Metro! Its the closest thing to a super market in Lambayeque but its super small!? All went well with the baptismal interview and she ended up getting baptized on Saturday!

Wednesday we had our interviews with President and his wife and that took up the whole afternoon!? We left Morrope at 3:30ish and got to the office like an hour later and then we talked to President but  only got to talk to him for like 5 minutes but it was still a spiritual experience and at the end of our interview he said he has a special assignment for me and my companion so we barged in our my comps interview with Sister Williams and then President gave us the key to him apartment and told us that he wanted us to go take showers in his apartment and then eat some cereal at his house.. So we waited a little bit and he and Sister Williams ended up taking us to their house and they let us take showers and then they gave us some Fruit loops and some peanut butter and Jelly toast and it was super good!! It was a strange experience but it was awesome! It was super nice of President and Sister Williams for them to do that for us! That's about all that happened on Wednesday!

Thursday was a full day of work and in the morning we just did a whole bunch of contacts and then went back to lunch and we had Arroz con Pollo! I used to not like arroz con pollo that much but its one of my favorites now! I guess we just started eating it so frequently that i like it now! The foods all pretty monotonous.. Rice and Chicken but its not too bad now that i have gotten used to it! Anyways by the end of the day we didn't have many lessons but we did have 40 contacts!? 

Friday we had weekly planning and we also had ward missionary night and that just about took up the whole day!? For ward missionary night we watched the movie about John Tanner and it was really good and then we played the game 20 questions with all the members and it was really cool! Everybody was getting way into it and having tons of fun!

Saturday morning we had a ward activity but almost nobody came to played soccer and frisbee which was a bummer! There were lots of people who said they were coming but never ended up coming.. Saturday was a pretty long day but we ended up having a decent day!

Sunday was a cool day! Sunday morning we started church and there were only 7 of  us there!? Small numbers,, So we got to bless the sacrament which was cool! Little by little they all started coming in too until by the end of sacrament there were like 30 members! After church we had Branch council and it went well and after that they had me come up to the front and one by one they all came up and shook my hand saying congrats or happy birthday or whatever and it was kind of awkward how they all did it but it was nice! Sunday afternoon was hard because we weren't able to get almost anything done!? Sundays everybody is usually busy or partying or drunk or whatever!! We were contacting on Sunday and this really drunk guy came up to us waving his hand around muttering words and he came up and started pushing us away from this house so we just left but it was really strange! Sunday night we went to the pension and they had us wait outside for a couple minutes and then my companion knocked on the door and told me to come up but i waited a second longer and so they opened up the door thinking i knocked and all said surprise but to my companion and not to me!? Haha oops! So yeah they ended up throwing me a little party and buying some cake and things like that and it was really cool and then we sat there for a while playing 20 question with everybody!! Over all it was a cool day and a cool birthday and thankfully they didn't smash eggs on my head!? I think they did it out or mercy because the fact that the water STILL HASN'T COME BACK YET!! Oh well were trying to be patient! 

Soo yeah this week went really well and was cool! I'm so grateful to be serving a mission and having the opportunity to have so many friends here! I know that wherever we go we may find friends in the church! Love you all! 

Elder Jarman

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