Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The lady was inspired to come out and we got our Churros!

Week #88
Hey Everyone!!

So this week went pretty well and there were some cool things that happened!

So on Tuesday we went down to Lambayeque to have our district meeting as usual and all went well but after the meeting we did an interchange for a day! So i stayed in Lambayeque and went with an Elder named Elder Kenison! Hes from Lehi Utah and hes got like 9 months in the mission and hes really cool! Tuesday after noon we went out proselyting in his area and my companion went with Elder Watkins to Morrope for a day. We had a pretty good day i guess! We went out with a member named Junior and were able to have a couple of lessons! At night we went to visit this one house and there were soooooo many mosquitos!!! Everytime you swung your hand at them you could hit like two of them! If you stood still for more than 2 second there would be like 4 of them that would bite you! It was crazy!? So we kind of just left that area so as to not get eaten by mosquitos! At night we ate Pollo a la Brasa too! Yummy!

The next day our companions came down at like 8:30ish and we talked a little bit about how it went and then Elder Kasteler and I headed back up to Morrope! To be honest Wednesday and Thursday were super hard and long days!? We hardly got into any houses and we werent able to do many contacts! It seemed like nobody wanted to let us into their houses! Its getting extremely hard in Morrope to do contacts now because we have literally almost knocked every single door in Morrope twice! We have been able to find some cool new people but not very many for how many contacts we have done and the people we have found arent really progressing at all yet.. The cool thing about Wednesday and Thursday is that even though we didnt have very many lessons we had quality lessons with some new people! One new family we found who are really cool is Raquel and Hernesto! They had some really good questions and were hoping that this week they can come to church! Were still churggin along even though its getting harder and harder every week to meet out goals!

On Saturday was my companions birthday so as a birthday present we went out contacting all morning!!;) Happy Birthday Elder Kasteler!! Haha! We dont really get breaks as missionaries but its alright it feels goood to work hard! We ended up having a decent day and some thing went our way! Normally the Churro cart doesnt come out on Saturday but im sure that since it was Elder Kasteler birthday the lady was inspired to come out and we got our Churros! When the day came to an end we went and bought Pollo a la Brasa and had a mini little party if you could even call it that in our room! It was a missionary birthday but hey it ended up being a good day!!

Sunday was our district conference which is basically a stake conference but since were not a stake its called a district conference.. Its was pretty goo but it was way hot in the church builiding and wearing our suits didnt help much.. President Williams was supposed to come to the conference but he had something else he needed to do which was a bummer but its alright! Sunday afternoon we were able to go out with some members which was cool! That was the first time inthe whole week we went out with member and we were actually pretty successful which was a nice end to the week!

Today we went down to Lambayeque and went to this super old house that you can tour that was built in 1787!? We went down there with Elder Bowyer to hang out with him since its his last P-Day before he goes home!? We ate lunch afterward and all in all it was really pretty cool!

All in all it was a pretty good week! This week is the last week of the change and so on Monday well know who has changes!? Thats all for now! I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the perfect tool to overcome our challenges and that you can find an answer to ANY question in the scriptures! Love you all!!

Elder Jarman
 Elder Jarman says this area he has had the nicest apartment in his whole mission.

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