Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What can we give or do for Christ this Christmas season?

Week #64
Hey Everyone!! 
Well this week went really well! I cant beleive that Christmas is soo close!? I cant believe how fast the year is going by!!
The only thing that was kind of a bummer is that we had planned to go out visiting with a bunch of members but almost every single one of them bailed out on us at the last minute!! What made it even worse is that we planned a bunch of appointments hoping to be able to go out visiting with them and then they all bailed on us!!
So this week nothing really too interesting happened so i guess ill just talk about some of our investigators!
The one who is progressing more than the rest is Blanca S.!! She is awesome!! She came to church on Sunday too! She really seems interested in the church! The only thing is that before hearing us she was a member of the 7th day Adventist church but she said that she doesnt like it because they made her get baptized without any notice and she didnt really understand why she was getting baptized! She said that she showed up to church one day and they baptized her that same day!? Thats crazy! Anyways as missionaries we usually invite the people to be baptized after the 1st or 2nd lesson with them but with her were taking it a little slower so as to not scare her! A couple days ago we talked to her about baptism and she kind of quivered when we mentioned it but after we explained it all and how she needed to get baptized by someone who has the authority to baptize her she kind of lightened up a bit! She said that she was going to think about it and pray about it! My comp and I feel like very soon that she will get baptized! 
The second group of investigators who are more or less progressing are Katy A. and Shirley A.! They are sisters and we knocked on their door one day and Katy told us to come back on Sunday and when we came back they opened up and we talked with them and got to know them a little bit more and they are awesome!! They are passing through some problems right now but the Gospel could really help them right now!! They have started to confide in us and ask us for advice and we have really been able to gain trust and confidence with them recently which is aweomse because that helps us know how to be able to help them! The thing that was kind of a bummer is that we went to pick them us to go to church and they ended up not being there.. We went back in the afternoon on Sunday and they said sorry but that something had come up out of the blue that they had to go to but that they were going to go to church next week! I feel like they have really been prepared by the hand of the Lord and that we knocked on the door at just the right time for them!!
Other than them we dont really have many investigators that are progressing very well.. We are working with a lot of less active members of the church! Lots of the people that we have been teaching recently have been coming to church which is awesome!! Its always a nice thing to see the fruits of our labors!!
Recently we have been asked to talk with all the people with something thats called "El es la Dadiva" (i dont remember how to write that in English) but its a video that the church has put out for Christmas and it talks about Jesus Christ and what a mervelous gift he was for us from our Father in Heaven! Recently since we have been thinking and talking a lot about that and what Jesus Christ did for us i feel like my testimony has grown even more! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer! He really did pay for our sins and he really was resurected and he lives today!! What can we give or do for Christ this Christmas season?? Love you guys!!

Elder Jarman


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