Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, December 1, 2014

You gotta have Faith!

Week #63
Hey Everyone!!

Happy December!!! Wow the year has gone by so fast!!

So this week ended up going really well for us!! We didnt reach all of our goals but we improved a lot! For the longest time we have been having trouble getting people to come to church and thats one of the biggest reasons that they can progress but his week we were able to get 3 investigators to come to church! One of the new investigators that we are teaching whose name is Blanca came to church for the first time yesterday and it was awesome!! We passed by her house in the morning to bring her to church but when we passed by she wasnt ready so we ended up just going to church and telling her to come anyways even if she got there late! After the sacrament we went outside and waited a couple minutes for her to get there and she ended up showing up after like 10 minutes!! Always got to have faith!! She ended up satying all three hours of the church too!

This week on Thursday President and Sister Williams came to our room just to see how the room was and make sure we had everything we needed! It was pretty cool! When they walked in they saw the Chrsitmas tree on the wall and they thought it was a cool idea!! They shared something from Preach My Gospel with us and they left us some Chocolate chip cookies and then they left.. In and out.. Those cookies were so good though!! Man do i miss those!!

On Sunday after church we had a couple of appointments with some people we had contacted the day before but we usually those appointments end up falling through so we didnt have much hope going into those lessons but we ended up having a good lesson with a new family we found!! Also  couple hours later we went to another appointment like that and we found a coulpe more people who are really interested in learning more!! We only talked with the wife and sister because her husband wasnt home but they said that they have been waiting for somebody to knock on the door to teach them about the Gospel!!! Also ther grandparents just passed away so we can help the to know that they can live with their grandparents after this life too!! We have been really blessed this week and it was awesome!! 

The little experiences that build your testimony are awesome!! Its awesome being a missionary!! Its hard to explain how cool and special it is! There isnt anything else like it! I'm grateful to be here as a missionary helping other families to be happier! I know that this is the most important work that i could be doing and the most important work there is! Thanks for everything!!

Elder Jarman

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