Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, November 3, 2014

First time in 9ish months i got to take a warm shower

Week #59
Hey Everyone!!

So this week went pretty well in the end even though it felt a little long!! We have been fixing up the room this whole week! We had to put on the door handles and buy some curtains and some other things that we needed for the room and finally on Friday we put the water tank up on the roof and on Saturday they filled it up and for the first time in 9ish months i got to take a warm shower and it felt sooooo good!!! How i missed warm water!! Haha! The little things we take for granted!!

Anyways so this week went pretty well besides the things with the room! We were able to have quite a bit of lessons this week and personally i don't really like contacting but this week we did some more contacting than the other weeks! I don't really like contacting because nothing really ever comes of it but every once in a while you do find someone who has really been prepared by the hand of the lord! The lord has commanded us that we have to open our mouths all the time so we have to obey and we will be blessed!

My favorite part of this week was Sunday! On Sunday we sent someone out to pick up Cesar whos an investigator who got into a motorcycle accident and he cant really walk very well yet because hes missing a chunk of skin in his foot, and his wife Yina who is a less active! When the brother that we sent out to pick them up came back the family didn't walk in with him so we were a little bummed but right after sacrament they opened the doors up and in walked the whole family!!! It was really cool too see the whole family there in the church especially Cesar who was all bandaged up! Another cool thing is that they ended up staying all three hours of church!! After church they were able to talk with the Bishop and Yina went from being less active to being active and they accepted as a family to get married! So we are going to help them get married and then hopefully Cesar will want to get baptized too!! That would be the best!!

So that was my favorite part of this week and basically that was the coolest thing that happened this week! All is well in the work in Peru!! I know that the work of the Lord will go on no matter what trials beface it! Love you all! 

Elder Jarman

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