Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, November 17, 2014

Nobody wants to open the door for us.

Week #61
Hey Everyone!!
So this week did not end up going as well as we thought it would... P-day was fun because we went to play soccer with some other Elders and then on Tuesday night my companion ended up getting sick with a cold and so the rest of the week didnt go very well for us.. 
This week it just felt like nobody wanted to open up the door for us!! Even when we had set up appoinments to go out visiting with the members they ended up bailing out on us too! Guess some weeks are harder than others!! 
I think my favorite part of this week is the Ward missionary activity that we had! It was a soccer and volleyball activity and we ended up getting there early with some investigators that we brought and they asked us if we could share something with them and so we went into a room and shared a message about the Atonement  of Jesus Christ with them and it was a really good lesson! Then when we came out of the lesson there were a ton of members of the church that had showed up to the activity to mess around and they all played soccer and volleyball and it went really well!! All in all the activity turned out really well! Next time were going to try to organize it even better though!
Well we dont really have many people who are ready to be baptized yet. We are working with Cesar Fernandez but recently now that he has basically gotten better from his accident hes gone back to working and hes gone back to some of his friends who arent necesarilly the greatest influence on him so he is losing some of the desires that he had before to change.. Well have to work a lot with hime these next weeks so that he can get married and baptized and then they can put a goal to go to the Temple!!
Other than that we have a couple of youth that are really interested in being baptized but becuase of the new rule that we cant baptize anyone younger than 18 unless their parents are members we cant baptize them yet so we are working with their parents but it seems like the biggest problem is that people cant ever seem time to come to church! I guess change can be a hard thing sometimes and its a big change that the people have to go through! 
Well nothing much happend this week.. This week will be a lot better though! One thing that has helped me a ot this week and really always is really learning about all that Jesus Christ did for us!! I know that he loves us very much and wants us to come home to him! Thats one of the reasons that im out on a mission is to help bring people back to the presence of God! Love you all! 

Elder Jarman

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