Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our biggest struggle

Week #62
Hey Everyone!!

So this week went a lot better than last week! Even though i feel like more people shut the doors on us this week we were able to work better because my comp wasn't feeling sick this week!!

So on Tuesday we had district meeting that went really well but in the afternoon we didn't really end up having a good day but its okay because on Wednesday we got a full days work in and all went really well! We were able to visit almost all the people we had planned to visit and that day we could really see the blessings it was awesome!!

Thursday went all right i guess.. Thursday morning the Zone leaders just showed up to our room out of the blue and had a study visit with us and then we went on splits with them for an hour in our area and all in all it went really well! Thursday night we had ward missionary night and we had a night where the members and who ever wanted brought a plate of food that was natural to Peru and they explained a little bit about it and then everybody got to eat some of it at then end... Before all the members got to eat though they called us, the missionaries, up to try some things first... Well lets just say i don't like some of the plates that were up there so i tried a few things and basically waited around for my comp to try them for me haha.. I thought they were going to bring more food and have a better variety but in the end it turned out pretty well and we even had some investigators there too!

Nothing much happened on Friday and then on Saturday we had a pretty good day and to top it all of at night we had a session of our Stake conference and President Williams gave a talk and also Elder Taylor Godoy an area 70 came and gave a talk too! All in all it went really well!

On Sunday we were pretty stoked because we had a couple investigators who promised that they were going to come to church this week with us and it was going to be even easier for them to come because it was stake conference and it started at 10 instead of 8! When we went to their houses to pick them up and go to stake conference they ended up making excuses and at the end of everything nobody ended up coming to church... That seems to be our biggest struggle right now is that none of the investigators will come to church.. They put up any excuse they can find not to go.. Elder Waddell spoke to us a little while ago and told us that a way we could get the people to come to church was helping read the Book of Mormon and feeling the spirit so we have starting leaving a lot more invitations to read certain chapters of the Book of Mormon but whenever we go to the investigators houses they never have read what we left them.. So were having trouble with that no too.. They don't want to come to church and they don't want to read the Book of Mormon either.. Sometimes it can be hard but just got to keep enduring!!

In spite of the difficulties i love this work!! Its awesome to be here in Peru helping people and its worth all the trials and difficulties! I know that God has a plan for us and wants the family to be together forever! God has given us the way to achieve eternal happiness through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Elder Jarman

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