Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm loving the missionary life and couldn't be happier!

Week #22 2-24-14
Hey Everyone!!!
This week has been awesome!! We managed to complete every single one of our goals this week and we managed to achieve the normas of excelencia!!! We have worked so hard this month and the hard work has paid off! The only thing that makes me a little sad is that i finally have a transfer... I want to leave but its going to be so sad to leave my first area and all the people i have met and all the friends that i have made!!! Transfers are also really stressful because i have to leave photos will all the people with a little thing to remember me and also i have to pack my bags.. That part is really going to stink! I am pretty excited and a little nervous to see where i go! It should be fun! Also something else is that i wasnt feeling to good this morning and i threw up twice but now im feeling a little bit better and since this was my last day in this area my pension made us some ceviche!!
This week we had met all the goals that we needed to meet by saturday and so we were pretty scared going into sunday knowing that we needed to have 12 investigators in the church to meet every single one of our goals! The most that this area has ever had in the chuch was nine so yeah we were a little scared! Sunday came and by the beginning of the meeting we had only 3 investigators in the church and so we started getting pretty nervous. We waited a little bit and when nobody else was coming we sent someone out to bring some investigators to the church and only one of them ended up coming so by this point we had 4 and it wasnt looking to good for us but towards the end of the meeting we had two more people come. We also found out that there were like 5 more invesitgators in the back of the rrom but we just couldnt see them and so by the end of church we ended up having 12 investigators in the church at one time and it was super cool!
This last saturday we also had a baptism which makes three baptisms three weeks in a row! Julio Edgar was baptized and it was really cool to see him get baptized because he was one of the couples that got married so that he could get baptized. We have seen so many changes in his life take place and he was waiting so long to be baptized so it was a very satisfying baptism! Before he used to drink a lot and was hanging out with bad people but now he hasnt drinken and instead of fighting with his wife all the time they are watching church videos as a family and they are asisting all the activities and its so cool to see that!
We had a birthday party for one of our investigators and it was super cool! Her name is Karen and she had a baptismal date but then her mom told her to wait a little bit so were working with that. The youth here have befriended her so fast and so well and it has really touched her mom to see that! She even started to cry tears of joy as she thanked us for being so good to her daughter!! It was so cool to see how well the work progresses when the members help with the missionaries! After that they were all dancing and playing games and she told us afterward that nobody has ever done that for her before and so all in all it was just a really cool thing to see!
Other than that im doing awesome and im loving the missionary life and couldnt be happier! Hope you all have a spectacular week this week and enjoy it! Love you guys!
Elder Jarman

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