Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, February 10, 2014

President and Sister Risso were at the baptism!

Week #20 2-10-14
Hey Everyone!
Hope you all had a good week last week! I know I did!
We ended the week with a baptism of a girl named Yanella! It went pretty well although we showed up late and president Risso and Sister Risso were there at the baptism! We combined with two other elders who had two baptisms so it wasn't too bad and president is so relaxed that he just said no worries even though Yanella was a hour late! We also had an investigator at the baptisms and she also came to church for the first time too! Her name is Karen and shes 16 years old but shes very mature and acts like shes 23 and yesterday we challenged her to baptism for the 22nd of February and she accepted which is awesome! We also have two couples that are trying to get married the 14th of this month and so if all works out then they will also be able to be baptized the 22nd of February!
This week was awesome with the mini misioneros! Almost everyday we have someone who comes with us on our visits and we usually split up too! So it will be me and two youth and my comp and two youth also. We are also doing something that's called a district attack where all the elders in that district go to one area and work there and all the numbers count for that area and this week it was in our area and so we had the 4 missionaries from our district all split up with two or three youth and we all went out and did some contacting and had some lessons and that day we ended up doing 55 contacts and had 8 lessons with a member! Everything is going super well with our goals so far except for two and we cant really control these ones very well so that's why were struggling with these goals. Were struggling getting investigators to church and setting baptismal dates, but with a little bit more time were hoping that these goals raise.
This week we had a missionary night in the chapel and we did something called La Barra de Hierro, or the Iron Rod and in the activity the people were blindfolded and they had to grab on to a hose and walk through the obstacle course that we made without letting go when there were people telling you that you finished and there were people screaming and yelling and spraying water and overall it was really fun and we turned it into a lesson at the end too! The only thing that wasn't too fun was cleaning the chapel the next day. There was still water in the hose and so it got the chapel all wet and also since its all dirt where we live it turned into mud in the chapel and that was not very fun at all to clean up! Other than that nothings really new. I'm still in the desert in Chiclayo but i think that i will get changed on the 24th of this month. Time is seriously going by so fast this transfer, I cant believe its already been 5 months!!
Hope you guys have a great week and that all goes well! Try to share the gospel with someone this week! I'm sure that would make God happy!! Love you and Miss you all!
Elder Jarman

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