Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Work is hard with the World Cup

Week #40
Hey everyone! Hope everyones doing great! This week has been pretty normal and nothing too interesting happened!

One thing that i have noticed in these past couple of weeks is that its really pretty hard to do missionary work down here when the World Cup is going on!!! Haha almost all the houses we walk by have the world cup going on and its pretty rude to tell them to turn off something that only happens every 4 years! So that has made the work a little more difficult in the past couple of weeks but luckily it will be over soon! 

My new companion and I are getting along great so far! He pretty fun and hes a funny guy! He has some magic tricks and things he does to the kids to gain their trust. I also have some magic tricks that we do sometimes and its a really good way that we can get the trust of the people so thats something pretty cool! Hes got a different way of teaching from Elder Flores but we just have to get used to the way that each other teaches and thats something the mission teaches you really well!! How to change and adapt to new situations! As of 2 days ago President Risso went home and President Williams got here! Today was the first day that we wrote to him and im pretty sure that on saturday hes going to come to Jaen to present himself to everyone! Should be a neat experience to have 2 presidents and to learn from each one!

This week we have been visiting Gregori and he finally told us a little bit more about his doubts! He has Catholic friends that are feeding information to him at the same time as we are so i think hes getting a little confused. So we talked to him and hopefully this week we can talk with his friends too and maybe help them out too! Hes also been researching a lot about the Book of Mormon and things like that and he knows a lit ow and he has a lot of questions that really aren't super important! We told him that if he really wants to know that the church is true he needs to read the Book of Mormon first and analyze whats in it! Hopefully he can clear some doubts by reading the Book of Mormon! Hes really got a desire to know though which is really good! He didnt come to church this Sunday though so well have to see what happened when we visit him tomorrow! We also went to visit Eduardo who is another investigator who was ready for baptism but then he got bronchitis and the doctor said he cant get wet. He's getting better slowly so he should be able to get baptized soon! Other than that we have just recieved some references from some members and some of them seem really cool! We just have to do some following up this week and see how theyre doing! Other than them we dont really have anybody thats ready to be baptized here really soon. So it looks like we got our work cut out for us! 

Other than that we havent really had anything too big happen lately! Hope everyone has a great week! I know His church is true!! I have seen the blessings in other peoples lives and the changes they have made and how they have come to know that this church is true! God wants to hear all of you talk to him through prayer too! He wants to bless all of you! Love you guys!

Elder Jarman

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