Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, June 9, 2014

President Risso came to Jaen for the last time.

Week #37
Hey Everyone!!

This week has been pretty awesome!!

On tuesday night we had visits with less actives in the Elders quorum and it was Elder Flores and I and Luis Benites the president of the quorum and Gregory our investigator! I went with Luis and my companion went with Gregory to visit some people and it went alright. When we got to dinner afterwards my companion told me that during the visits Gregory, whos and investigator was like another missionary and was actually teaching the less active members of the church!? I think thats super awesome the only thing is that Gregory doesnt want to accept a baptismal date! He has given us more references than monst of the members but doesnt want to accept it yet for himself! We actually went and hung out with him today and hes become really good friends with us but he just wont accept a date... He also went visiting with us on wednesday also and hes coming to all the activities and bringing his friends and everything so were hoping that something will touch him pretty soon! Hes basically a member who hasnt been baptized yet!? 

On thursday Presidente Risso came to Jaen for the last time before he goes home and he talked to us for a little while and its was pretty sad and its a bummer thats hes going home but it will be a good experience to have 2 mission presidents! After he talked to us for a while he took us out to eat lunch and it was really good! After that we took some last pictures and then he was gone for the last time. Im going to miss him! Then at the end of the conference the zone leaders talked about new beginnings and things and how we need to start off right for the new president whos coming so its time to work hard! 

Then on thursday night we had a missionary night and we had organized a mini championship in the ward with soccer and volleyball! There were actually a ton of people who showed up and a lot of members brought investigators so it was rather succesful too! We ended up playing with the high priest agains the bishop and his counselors and a couple other people and they were talking so much trash before the game saying that we were going to lose our legs and everything like that and then we ended up working them!!! It was really funny and fun! Everyone was all suprised that i could actually play soccer and that was pretty funny!

On Saturday, Norbil one of our recent converts took us out to Shumba to meet his family and have lunh with his family! It was a really cool experince! They live really far away from town and its pretty much in the middle of a bunch of rice fields! The live in a pretty cool place though! When we first got there we went and laid in some hammocks and ate some oranges from his orange tree and they were super good! Then he took us to some park that was pretty cool! After that we had lunch with his family and then we went to this thing called Cachimbo which is this tradition here when the people who are graduating high school give a welcome to the new people who are coming in! The welcome isnt very nice though! As they are walking in the tradition is to hit them with like cardboard sticks wrapped in tape and then later their godmother or their godfather cuts their hair in a random spot and the people who are graduating pour water and flour on the new students head!! It was really pretty funny! Then while we were walking back it was really dark and there aren't any lights but when you looked off to the side to the rice fields there were thousands of fire flies and there were a bunch of blinking little lights! It was a super cool day! Norbil is the best too! It so cool when the people share the gospel with their friends and their families and you can see the blessings they receive in their lives!

Tharts about all for now! Im really enjoying serving a mission and i know that this church is true and that it can help everybody! I have seen people completely change their lives around and have seen the blessings they have recieved!! Anyone can recieve the same blessings! Love you guys!

Elder Jarman

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