Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, June 2, 2014

Doris and Alberto found a house

Week #36
Hey Everyone!!

This week has been pretty good although nothing too big happened.

Doris and Alberto did find a house but its in an area thats got a little fame for being dangerous so hopefully nothing bad happens to them! They moved to an area called Pakistan. On saturday we went after lunch to help them move into their new house. We loaded up a little pick up truck twice and that was sufficient to move all their stuff to the other house! On the second trip i went riding on top of a mattress on top of a tower of thing in the back of the truck and it was pretty fun and everyone was looking at me like i was crazy as usual! When we were unloading the second load we looked off in the distance and you could see that it was raining and that it was coming towards us so we started running around like crazy trying to unpack all the stuff and get it into the house before it starting raining. We almost made it but it started to rain when we were just about finished unloading. When everything was in the house it started pouring and i think it was the hardest that its rained while ive been here and the thing that was kind of a bummer is that there were a bunch of holes in the roof and the windows dont have glass in them so there was a lot of water getting into the house!! After like 20 mintues the rain basically stopped and they got some stuff situated so we went back to our room and it was already pretty late so thats all we ended up doing that day. They moved to the areas of a different ward so we might not see them very much anymore unless they decide to keep attending our ward.

Last monday we played with soccer with the young men and lets just say its been a while since ive played soccer or really exercised for that matter so i was really sore for the next couple of days. Luckily that on tuesday a member came with us for the afternoon and he has a mototaxi so he just drove us a round for a couple of hours while we visited some people! 

On thusday we went to Gregorys house, hes one of our investigators and his mom is a decorator for her profession, and the University of Chiclayo asked her to make a model of the University and so we went to help them paint it more than anything but it was pretty cool! Then she invited us to go to her kids b-day party the next day and we decided we would go for a little bit and when we got there it looked like a quinca├▒os party which are the big b-day parties here and the little girl was completing 3 or 4 im not sure but it was a huge party!! I guess it probably didnt cost that much though because the mom, Angelica, is a decorator and so she probably did all that with the stuff she already had and her dad, Jose is a clown for his profession so he had his hook-ups to get some clowns for the party! It was pretty crazy! We only stayed for a little bit and while we were leaving Angelica gave us those little gift bags they always hand out at parties but it was this big mickey mouse club house cone filled with candy and goodies and it was really awesome!! Shes really awesome the only thing thats a bummer is that she cant come to church because she always has to work on sundays. Bummer! Maybe someday she can make it to church! 

Other than that thing are going pretty well here in Morro Solar! I think we might have a baptism coming up not this saturdayt but next saturday! Hope all goes well! Hope you all have a wonderful week! I know this church is true and i have been so blessed by it! I know the book of mormon is true too and that it can bless anyones life who will take the time to read it!!

Elder Jarman

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