Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, May 26, 2014

Pray for Alberto and Doris!!!

Week # 35
Hey Everybody!!

This week has been pretty normal! We did have two baptisms though which was awesome!

The baptisms were for Jhair which is a friend of someone we baptized 2 weeks ago, Norbil! The second one was the brother of Norbil, Jose! It was really cool because Norbil brought his friend to the church and the first visit we had with Jhair we challenged him to baptism and he accepted along with Norbils brother! Then Jhair brought his sister to one of the lesson and we taught her a couple times and this past week we ended up challenging her to baptism but well see if the date sticks because Jhair was telling us some of the stuff that she said to him but that she doesn't want to say to us. So when we visit them tomorrow were going to talk to her about some of that stuff and she if she really wants to get baptized! Jhair also brought another friend to the church that we still haven't been able to contact yet but well hopefully meet with him this week and see how that goes! Its a big chain of people that resulted from one person and its super cool! Hopefully it keeps going on and on!! What was also cool is that Jose asked the stake president to baptize him! While we were talking to the stake president he said that they usually baptize 1 person every 3 years so that was pretty cool to have him there in one of our baptisms!!

This week it has been raining quite a bit and the river that goes through Jaen overflowed again! A lot of people had to move out of their houses because the water was just going straight into their houses and got up to knee deep! There were some missionaries that went to help at like 1 in the morning but nobody told us until after so we didn't get the chance to help! Maybe next time we can go down and help them because the people think its going to happen again but its going to be a lot worse the next time it happens. The people are saying that the climate is weird because it usually never rains this much in Jaen so they think something big is going to happen! Hopefully it doesn't overflow again though!

Right now Doris and Alberto 2 of our recent converts are in a pretty desperate situation! Alberto works as a painter and he hasn't had work for like 2 weeks now and they have no money. On top of that they were renting a house but the person asked for the house so they are frantically trying to find a house but they still haven't found one and there's only like a week left till they have to be out! On top of that Doris is like 8 and a half months pregnant and is about to have a baby! On top of that their kids have been sick for the past week! They are an awesome family though! They just got into the church and look what happened to them! Dang Satan! Anyways we have been talking to them and they know its just a trial of their faith and they say they are going to keep strong and that they will eventually get through it! Maybe you guys could pray for them that they can find a house and some work! That would be the best!! 

Other than that we have an investigator named Gregory and we have tried to invite him to baptism twice and we had a good talk with him about baptism last week but he doesn't want to accept. He said to us that he could get baptized right now but that it would be for us and that there is no guarantee that he would stay active in the church but he said that he would like to wait a little while to really ponder if this is something that he should do and find out if the church is true and then he said he would get baptized but that it would be for him and not for us and that he would be a faithful member of the church! Hes a really cool guy he 20 and has a really good understanding of the things and really likes to think things through! I think if he gets baptized that he would be a really faithful member of the church! 

Other than that there's nothing much else to report! Were going to play soccer with the young men in our ward at 4 so that's why we are writing so early! If not it would be at the same time as usual. Thats all for now! Have a fantastic week and serve someone else this week!!

Elder Jarman
 Our pet bat that lives in our room!

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