Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, May 5, 2014

That family is seriously the best!

Week #32
Hey eveyone! 

Hope you're all doing really well! I have had a fantastic week this past week!

Sorry for writing so late! We went to a waterfall today and it was super awesome! I'll explain more about that later!

On Friday President Risso came to Jaen and we had the last zone conference that he will give before he goes home. We were planning on dropping of the papers for the marriage at 3ish and when we got the the meeting president said that we were going to try to finish at 3:30ish and these things always go over time so things were not looking good for us. Long story short we ended up leaving early and going to get the papers but they took forever to get the papers for us and by the time we got to the place to drop off the papers it was like 5:45 and luckily we got there just in time to catch the alcalde! He had been waiting for us for a long time and was about to leave when we got there but luckily he didn't! So we got the papers in but then we were worried because we had the baptismal interviews of Doris and Alberto in Jaen which was like 25 minutes away! We got into a car and luckily we were the only two there the whole time so it wasn't uncomfortable and we got there fast! We got to the interviews at like 6:25 but they family hadn't gotten there yet. A couple minutes later they showed up and both of them passed their interviews! Then on Saturday we really didn't do much at all because we had weekly planning in the morning and then we had lunch with the members and then we prepared for the marriage and for the baptism! Then at 6 we had the marriage and me and my companion were the witnesses which was cool, but really nothing too special! Afterwards we had their baptism and I baptized Alberto and my companion baptized Doris and it was really cool! Alberto has so much dedication! He fasted the whole day of his baptism!! That family is seriously the best!

We are teaching another investigator whose name is Norvil. He has family members who are members of the church and is really cool! We invited him to be baptized this Saturday and he accepted so this Saturday were going to have the baptism of Norvil and we are also going to teach his brother who said he wants to hear the missionary discussions too! Luckily in the past couple of weeks we have found some more new people to teach because we were really running out of people to teach! 

Anyways, today we all went as a zone to Gocta! We got up at 5:30 this morning and we all went to the Church and then we all got into a Combi and we headed out to Gocta! We passed through Bagua Grande and picked up some more missionaries and then we drove 2 more hours until we got too Chachapoyas which is where Gocta is! Then we paid for the tickets and got our guide and we headed out to the waterfalls! The guide said that it would be a little bit muddy on the trail because it had been raining there a lot recently! The lady said it was about 3 miles but it felt like it was more! Maybe because im really out of shape now! Anyways we all hiked out there and it was super beautiful! Gocta is part of the amazons and so for parts of it we were walking through the jungle and it was super green and super cool! As we got closer to the waterfall, which i guess is like the 2nd or 3rd tallest waterfall in the world, i think, it started to rain lightly and when we got even closer the mist from the fall started to get to us! It was super cold and super windy! We stood there for a minute and we basically got soaked! I didn't want to get my camera wet so i left my bag with some of the others and a couple of other people and I decided to try to make it behind the waterfall by walking around! Wow!!! There was so much wind and so much mist you could not see anything and the water was hitting me so hard it felt like needles! We eventually made it behind the waterfall and it was super cool and super cold! It was basically the close thing you could do as a missionary without swimming! When we finally got out of all the mist we were all soaked to the bones! It was as if we had jumped into a pool! It was super crazy but it was super fun!! After that it was seriously raining almost the whole walk back and the trail was super muddy but all in all it was super fun!! Right now im super tired though and tomorrow i think i might be somewhat sore! That's about all i have to report for now! 

Hope you have a fantastic week this week! Thanks!

Elder Jarman

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