Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, April 28, 2014

It was a flowing river of mud

Week # 31
Hey Everyone!!

Well this week has been a pretty good one! 

On tuesday we did a work visit with the other elders in our district. So i went to Elder Zavalas area and Elder Henry came to mine with my companion. We usually do that every tuesday and it lasts until wednesday right before lunch. Anyways tuesday night when i was with Elder Zavala he got a phone call that he was going to have an emergency change! Every 6 weeks there are changes and every three weeks there are emergency changes for special ocasions. So Elder Zavala had an emergency change because The president is going home next change so they changed one of the assistants to the president and called a new one and the new one was a zone leader and then they had a to call a new zone leader and so Elder Zavala got changed to be a zone leader. Anyways he left on thursday and that day Elder Henry stayed with us until his new comp came at 9 that night. In the morning we didnt have any appointments and thank goodness because it poured!!!! When it was time to go to lunch it was still pouring and had been pouring for like an hour and so i decided to roll up my pants and just go in my sandals to eat lunch and it turns out it was a good idea! When we got to the street right before the pensions house it had turned into a river again! It was a flowing river of mud... Luckily right when we got the the house her husband did too and he came and picked us up and took us across in his moto taxi! It was actually a pretty fun experience! If it happens again ill try to get some pictures of it without getting my camera all wet. By the time we had finished lunch the street didnt have very much water at all. After it rains here it always gets really hot afterwards so thats kind of a bummer! 

Doris and Alberto are going to get married this Saturday and we were still missing both of the birth certificates and so we asked permission from president if we could go to a town called Pucara to get one of the birth certificates and he said yes! So in the afternoon we went to the bus stop and got into a van like the size of a Volkswagen van and we got like 18 people in there!! I was sitting in the back row on a stool that wasn't even a seat of the car squished in between 3 people.. and the whole ride they were falling asleep and bobbing their heads all over the place and it was a windy road too so every time they bobbed their heads they almost wacked me with them! Lets just say it wasn't very comfortable but soon people started to get off and then it got a lot more comfortable and it was really beautiful too! There were a ton of rice and corn fields and their is a river that runs through the valley and all along the way are these little towns!! Anyways we got to Pucara and didn't have any problems getting the birth certificate and then we went back on another combi and lets just say it was equally uncomfortable. This old man was trying to tell me that there was going to be war on Monday and then i would say something and he wouldn't respond and he just kept talking to me and it was so awkward! There was also this lady that got in and didn't have a seat so the sat on the floor and one time when the car braked she starting praying and saying oh no what happened and nothing was happening. Sometimes you meet some weird people! Anyways we got the paper and got back safely so all is well! 

We were still worried about how we were going to get the other birth certificate which is even farther away! Every Saturday and Sunday we eat lunch with the members and i usually don't like doing that but on Sunday after when we were eating lunch with a member we got an answer to our prayers! While she was talking to us about her work she said that she has a client that brings her chickens to sell all the time from Cumba! My comp was zoning out and i was waiting for him to realize that that's where we needed to go but he didn't say anything so i jumped at the opportunity and long story short she talked to her friend and her friend is going to bring us the birth certificate so we don't have to go there!! That's was pretty cool!! 

Other than that there wasn't anything particularly cool that happened. If all goes well this week we should have 3 baptisms on Saturday and another one the next Saturday! Hopefully all goes well! That's it for now! Hope you have a fantastic week this week! Do a good turn daily!

Elder Jarman

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