Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, April 14, 2014

I would encourage you all to read The Book of Mormon

Week #29 4-14-14
Hey Everyone!!

Wow this week has flown by just like my time here in Jaen and to be honest my whole mission has flown by! Im really enjoying it though! Nothing really interesting happened this week but im going to talk about some of the investigators we have.

Right now we are teaching a man named Amadeo and his daughter is a member of the church and he had a baptismal date in december but then he traveled to Lima before his date so the date fell through but now hes is back and we are teaching him again. We set a baptismal date for the 19th this saturday. The only problem is that he has an addiction to cigarettes, which is actually very rare here because the people generally dont have anough money to buy them. Anyways he has an addiction to them and he says that he really wants to stop and he has cut down on how much he smokes so we are trying to help him with his addiction so that he can get baptized this saturday!

The next investigators that we have that are progressing really well were a reference from a member! References are the best for the missionaries! Give them references! Anyways they are Doris and Alberto and they have three kids and shes pregnant right now! They really want to get baptized and to get married too but they are saying that they want to wait until their baby is born to get married and baptized and the baby is due the end of July almost August. We are trying to help them see the blessings of getting baptized now instead of waiting but in the end of they decide that they arent ready for the 26th of April which we suggested then there isnt anything we can do but support them in their decision and help them to keep attending church and put a date for them in August. We are going to meet with them tomorrow and watch a couple mormon messages and the bishop is going to come with us to help give his testimony of how marriage has blessed his life. Hopefully they have been praying to recieve their answer.

We also have an investigator that we are teaching that lives in an old person home but really is super old. His name is Eduardo. We always visit where he lives and we end up giving the lesson to a bunch of older people. We tried to put a baptismal date on him for the 19th but he said that he wants to attend church the 4 Sundays in April and then get baptized in the begining of May. So we are just helping him stay excited for his baptism. There are also two members in the old person home and they are helping him too! Its also pretty funny because everytime we go to visit them we walk up and all of them have the pamphlets that we hand out or an ensign or the book of mormon and they are always reading our church material! 

Other than theose people we are working with some others who are progressing a little slower and who possibly get baptized in May. Speaking of may we have less than 1 month until mothers day and then we get to Skype! 

My companion today went to Lima to do some paperwork for his Visa and so im leading my area for the next 2 days until he gets back. Hope everything goes well! Saturday for my birthday i am waiting for the pension to break eggs and maybe flour on my head but im thinking about bringing some eggs of my own to use, but who knows what will happen. Should be fun!

In other news im not sure if they anounced the book of mormon challenge worldwide or just in South America but now there is another challenge to read it in the family and to read it personally before the end of the year! They are really putting a lot of emphasis on the book of mormon and i think that is really cool! I would encourage you all to read the Book of Mormom in Family home evenings! I have really learned a lot from it in the mission!

Thats all for now! Love you guys and thanks for your love and support!

Elder Jarman

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