Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, April 21, 2014

And thats when it all happened...

Week #30 4-21-14
Hey Everyone!

It has been another good week that went by really fast like all of the other ones!

On monday my companion went to Lima to do some of his visa paperwork and i stayed with someone else in my area so i was leading my area for the first couple of days this week. I dont really like to lead my area very much but its okay because it went pretty well! On tuesday we had a super awesome lesson with Doris and Alberto! The bishop came with us and he talked almost the whole time but he really connected with the investigators. At the end of the lesson Alberto, the dad, said that everytime we talk to him about baptism that he has this feeling or burning in his chest! He also said that he wanted to get baptized for sure! That was really cool to hear as a missionary! Weve had a couple more lessons with them and they both have accepted to get married and then to get baptized so now all we have to do is to work on the papers which shouldnt be too dificult since weve done this a couple times before! 

This week we were also looking for less actives to teach and new investigators to teach too! So we were doing some contacts. My comp did one and nothing came of it and then i knocked a door and nobody answered and so i knocked another door and before i could even say anything the man said come in come in come in!! So we went in a it turns out that he's a less active and hasn't attended in 28 years! He's a really cool guy though! He's a clown so he's always really happy and likes to talk really fast! Anyways were going to start teaching him! Then my comp did another contact and nothing came of it and then i did another one and we got into the house and found some more investigators to teach! When we got out of the house my comp said to me why do your contacts always work but mine dont and it was pretty funny because we dont usually get into that many houses but that day we did have some luck! 

On Saturday we taught some lessons and then at 6 we had a lesson with Doris and Alberto and in that lesson he told us that he was already married.... We thought that that just ruined everything but after talking for a little while longer and looking at his ID it said that he was single so were going to go ahead with the papers and well see how it turns out but by the looks of it it seems that his first marriage was nullified or something like that. Anyways after the lesson we went to a baptism of the sisters and when we got there they asked me to give the talk like 5 minutes before i had to give it but it actually turned out pretty well! After that the pensions husband, our ward mission leader, Antonio, took me to the pizza place and told me to get whatever pizza i wanted for my birthday! After we got the pizza we went back to their house and they has prepared carne seca for dinner so we all sat at the table and ate dinner and it was really good! The sisters came to dinner too. After we had dinner we took a couple pictures and that's when it all happened... I knew it was coming all along and i was ready for it but while they were taking the pictures they all got behind with their eggs that they were hiding and then they smashed like 4 eggs on my head and then they poured flour on me too!! I'm not gonna lie it kind of stunk but it was pretty funny! After that we went back to the room and while we were walking there everyone was looking at me funny! It kind of stunk to wash my clothes after that too but it was a pretty fun birthday all in all!. Sunday was pretty normal and we didnt do that much today but everything went well this past week! 

Hope everyone has a good week this week! Love you guys!
Elder Jarman

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