Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, June 23, 2014

Favorite P-day in the mission!!

Week #39
Hey Everyone!! I hope everything's going well with everyone!! This week has been pretty good and we had a really fun time today!! 

First of all my new companion is Elder Aves and hes from Mar de Plata, Argentina! Hes the oldest of 3! He has a sister thats 17 and a brother thats 14! Hes pretty cool! Hes a little different from my other companions but hes pretty cool! He likes to juggle and to draw and to crochet and things like that! Hes more of an art guy than a sports guy but so far hes pretty cool! Im sure that there is something that i will learn from him to make me a better missionary!! This week we didint really have that many lessons and its going to be hard in these weeks because everyone here watches the world cup and it interferes with everything!! After that we should be able to work more! 

We have some investigators that could be baptized but that just have to get over some little problems. Gregori just has to resolve a doubt that he has but he doesnt want to tell us what his doubt is so we gave him the website for the church and hes going to look for himself and thats probably better for him and will lead to a better conversion! Were just hoping he finds what hes looking for on! We also have an investigtor named Eduardo whos has read the whole Book of Mormon in 2 months and was ready to be baptized but he came down with bronchitis and the doctor said that he couldnt get wet so he couldnt get baptized. Were going to visit him this week to see how hes doing to see if hes gotten better! Other than that we have a couple friends of Norbil that we still have to follow up on but they could progress pretty well! So looks like we got some work to do this week!!

Today was a good P-day! We met up in the morning and we made a lunch called Milanesa de Pollo con Papas Fritas! Its just breaded chicken with french fries and it was really good!! We helped make the Chicken and our pension made the french fries and then we all got together and ate with our pension!! After we ate we went to a place called Las Naranjas with is up in the mountains! I had been there before and i thought it was going to be really boring because i didnt think there was anything to do! When we got there after like a 20 minute drive in car we went exploring around the town and we ended up finding a trail that we thought just led to a house but we ended up walking the trail for a long time and we ended up aht this river in a valley and it was really cool and wee took a bunch of really cool pictures but youre going to have to forgive me because we were running late and right when we got back we went to internet and i didnt have the camera chord to upload the pictures so ill have to upload them next monday! Sorry!! Then on the way back instead of taking a car we walked back down the mountain and i didnt think it was going to take very long but it ended up taking like 2 hours to walk back down but we took some more cool pics and our feet were killing us when we got down but it was definately worth it! This was one of my favorite P-days in the mission!! 

Well i hope that youre all doing really well! Hope you have a great week! Just want to let all of you guys know that i know this church is true and that it really has blessed my life and the life of my family!! Love you guys!

Elder Jarman

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