Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, July 7, 2014

Its really pretty awesome being on a mission!

Week #41

Hey Everyone! Hope everyones doing awesome!!

This week was really pretty normal! Just walking a ton everyday teaching a bunch of people about the gospel and feeling the spirit! Its really pretty awesome being on a mission! Its hard sometimes and its kind of a bummer when people dont want to hear you or when they shut the doors on us or dont have time to hear us but then on the other hand when you have these awesome lessons filled with the spirit and when the investigators accept baptismal dates and especially when you seem them change things in their life and get baptized it makes everything worth it!! 

 The work has slowed down a little bit in the past couple of weeks. Right before Elder Flores left we baptized all of our investigators that were progressing and so when Elder Aves got here it was like starting over again finding new people and getting references from the members, but thats the way the mission is! We have to work hard to see the fruits of our labors! Right now we have found a couple of people who are progressing pretty well! A member gave us a reference of her cousin named Carlos Ramos Ninanya and hes really cool! The first time he came to church he came all dressed up in tie and everything! We ended up contacting him this last week and he was very prepared to hear us! We ended up inviting him to be baptized this 26th of July and he accepted! We have also been visiting Luz Vargas who is the sister of Ruth, a recent convert in the ward! Luz is really cool and she has good questions the only thing is that she has lots of family that are Jehovahs witnesses and she was attending there for a time but ended up leaving it. The first time we taught here she said the final prayer and it was really cool! She basically said thanks for sending these youth at the right time and thanks for helping me find he word of God! The only thing is that she still hasnt come to church yet but she is really trying to work everyhting out to be able to come to church! We feel that she could progress really well especially because she has the support of her sister to help her! Another good thing is that she is married! Thats very hard to find here in Peru especially in smaller areas like Jaen! Our next goal is the talk to her husband to help him to know the message of the gospel!

We have been visiting Gregory too but he has basically stopped progressing for now. Hes reading the Book of Mormon but not very frequently so i think were going to have to start leaving him things to read or hope that he can start to read by himself so that he can gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon because thats one of the main things thats holding him up! We have seriously tried almost everything with him! We have watched videos from the church and have brought members and have talked about almost everything and he just wont progress so were going to have to let him read the Book of Mormon for himself so that he can gain his own testimony of it! 

We were kind of able to celebrate 4th of July this week! We ended up just going out to eat with the missionaries that are here in Jaen! It was pretty fun! I ended up coloring one of my ties and it turned out pretty cool! It was just red white and blue and while i was wearing it everybody was looking at me evn more than normal! They normally look at me just because im a gringo but when i had that tie on it was even worse haha! It was pretty funny though!

Other than that there wasnt anything too interesting that happened this week. The new president couldnt come last week so hes going to come this week on Friday and that should be a cool experience! Weve heard from the Zone leaders that hes a really cool and funny guy so it should be fun!! Anyways hope you all have a great week! I know this Church is true and I have been so blessed in my life by it!

Elder Jarman

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