Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, July 20, 2015

I ended up slipping and falling twice

Week #96
Hey Everyone!
So this week has been rather normal with nothing too out of the blue!
Monday of last week we did a serious room makeover where we cleaned everything really well and we even waxed the floor. It made the room smell really good and it also made the floor really slippery and that was not good! I ended up slipping and falling twice but it was still worth it to clean the room!
This week was pretty decent i guess! The cool thing is that everyday this week the member who was going to come visiting with us came! Some of them got there a little bit later than planned but we were just grateful that they came with us! We weren't able to have a ton of lessons but many of the lessons we had were awesome lessons! We were able to find a couple new people this week which was cool! So hopefully we'll see some progress here soon! One cool thing that happened this week is that investigators and 6 less actives came to church!! We were stoked! It was so cool to see all of them there! We felt blessed to have so many people come to church! The only thing is that lots of them were women and children.. Its always harder to get the men to come to church but were trying! We are excited though because a less active we found somewhat recently named Susana has been coming to church and we have been talking with her husband who is not a member! We have had some really good lessons with them recently we just need him(Karl) to come to church!
Another thing that had been happening this week is that the new water heater that we put into our room has been pulling too much energy for the main box to handle so we have been having lots of technical problems this week! The first time it happened it shut the power off in the whole room and we couldn't get it back on so we called the bishop who knows a little bit about that stuff and he came and fixed it. Then like 2 days later something similar happened and long story short we have been having problems with the water heater and the light in our room and everything but the cool thing is that the bishop came over again this morning and fixed everything up and was showing us how to do it so next time it happens if it does i think i will be able to fix it! The kind of things you learn in the mission! Not just spiritual things but other cool things too!
Other than that this week has been rather normal! The ward is awesome and the members are awesome and im enjoying being here in this area and in this ward! I know that this is the most important work to do on the earth and that it will bring tons of blessings to not only our family but other families looking for the truth as well! Hope you all have a great week! Love you guys!!

Elder Jarman

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