Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I will "die" here in Las Delicias

Week #95
Hey Everyone!!

Well this past week has been somewhat difficult but we were able to have some good lessons!

So yesterday they told us who has changes in the zone and it turns out that i dont have changes and my companion either.. So unless there are some emergency changes i will finish my mission here in this area. So yeah i will be here with elder coca in this area for the end of my mission.. or in mission terms i will die here in Las Delicias and Elder Coca will kill me! Haha! Elder Coca has finished his training yesterday so im not training anymore but im still the District Leader! In the district two of the missionaries finished their missions and two others had changes.. So for now we think that there will be two new missionaries that will come to our district and that temporarily they will shut down one of the areas.. Its possible that another area will become part of our district but im not really sure for now.. Anyways.. Today is the start of my last transfer of my mission.. My last 6 weeks!? Wow that went by fast! A couple days ago i completed 22 months in the mission and i have learned so many things during this whole time!!

This week was somewhat difficult because there were members bailing on us left and right but after all said and done we had a decent week! We didn't have too many lessons but we had some cool lessons! Especially one we had yesterday with someone named Rosa! She and her husband John are really cool! We are having trouble getting them to come to church but we had an awesome lesson yesterday in which she committed to get married and baptized and to come to church and start on the straight and narrow path! Hopefully they will be able to keep their commitments! Another family we are teaching is the family of Karl and Susana! Susana is a less active who is coming back to church and we had our first lesson with her husband Karl yesterday and all went well! Yesterday was his birthday too and so we were surprised that he wanted us to come over on his bday! They seem really cool so were going to work a lot with them in the next coming weeks!

Well theres nothing much else that happened this week! Things are all normal! Theres always dust flying in the air and since its hot and were sweaty by the end of the day we are covered in dirt but its all part of the fun! My companion is deathly afraid of dogs and there are quite a bit of dogs here in Pomalca so its always kind of funny to watch him run away from the dogs! There are some men ones here that are actually somewhat aggressive to so we usually try to avoid those ones! In this area the dog dazer thing comes in handy lots of times! Its pretty funny to mess with the dogs too! The pension here is great! She lives with her husband, daughter and son in law and they are all awesome! She cooks good food and were always joking around and its pretty fun! They have become like a second family for us! Long story short.. all is going well!

I know that God has restored his Priesthood power here to the earth and through the Priesthood today we can receive all the ordinances and blessing to be happy! Have a great week!
Elder Jarman

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