Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Thursday, July 30, 2015

4 Weeks left!?

Week #97
Hey Everyone!

Well this week was a pretty good week to be honest! We are happy and working hard here in Las Delicias!
This week on Monday we played some soccer for 2 hours in the burning hot sun which was really fun but we were dead after playing soccer! I guess im going to need to get back in shape soon here! Even though we were in the sun for a long time we didn't really get burnt which was good! The rest of this week though we were definitely feeling some pains in our legs though! 

Tuesday we had some interviews with President and Sister Williams! I always like talking with them and leaning from them and their examples! Event though we didn't talk for very much time i feel like i learned a lot of things and was able to feel their spirit which was awesome! 

Thursday we had our district meeting which was pretty normal as usual.. Before i was always nervous to give the district classes but i feel like this has really helped me to get over most of the nerves! Im not saying im a perfect teacher but i feel like being a District Leader has taught me a little bit more how to teach.. haha! 

This week the members were doing good at coming with us until we got to Thursday and then from Thursday to Saturday they all failed on us! Despite those difficulties we were still able to have a great week in which we were able to visit many people! We have had some pretty great lessons this week and recently i have been noticing how much i love to teach the restored gospel with the people! I think thats kind of why i get frustrated when the people dont open up the doors because that means we dont get to teach them about happiness! I wish all the people would just open up the doors but i have also learned that Salvation isnt necessarily that easy!! Well were just going to keep on pushing on!

We have kind of gone down hill on the contacts these past couple of weeks because we had already knocked all the doors in the area but thats no excuse so this week my companion and i are going to do a lot more contacts than in the past weeks! We really need to find some more people to teach that are prepared to hear! We are working with lots of good people but sometimes their progress is slow! 

All is going well here in Las Delicias which in English would be the delicious! I don't know what they are referring to though.. If its the dust that's always blowing around that's not very delicious.. The pension does make good food though which is always nice!! The members are cool and we are getting to know them better and gaining their confidence and all is going well! Really there is nothing to complain about! All is well! I know that God lives and loves us too! He wants us to be happy but he cant force us to be happy so we have to use our agency to chose to be happy!

Have a great week everyone! Love you all!

Elder Jarman

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