Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hermana Nancy's baptism!

Week #94
Hey Everyone!!

So this week has been somewhat difficult for us but it was awesome at the same time!!
During the first part of the week we were not having much success at all! The cool thing is that on Tuesday was Hermana Nancy´s interview with our mission president in Chiclayo so after lunch we went to Santa Victoria and waited there for a couple minutes for Hermana Nancy to come to the interview! While we were waiting a group of Elders walked up the the office who had emergency changes and one of them was Elder Kasteler!? It was cool to see him and to talk to him but it was kind of sad because they shut down Morrope and there arent missionaries there anymore! Tuesday there were emergency changes because that the day when the mission split. Part of our mission is now part of the Trujillo Norte mission and so there were some last little emergency changes! So anyways i got to see Elder Kasteler and some other Elders too! The interview with President only took like 15ish minutes. He came out and signed the paper and said goodbye! Quick and easy! So we walked out of the office that day stoked that Hermana Nancy was going to be baptized! 

The whole rest of the week when we went out with members to visit the people didnt want to open up the doors for us and when we werent with the members the people opened up their doors but since we werent with members we werent able to enter a lot of the houses.. We were kind of ummed but we were able to have some good lessons this week! Not quantity but quality!

On Saturday we had the baptism of Hermana Nancy at 4PM! She got there at like 3:45ish and then we ended up having to wait until like 4:20ish when the baptism started! There were quite a bit of people there for her bapism which was awesome! The service went well and we sung a special number just us 4 missionaries from the ward and all in all it was awesome! My companion was able to baptize her and it was his first baptism so he was pretty happy and all in all it was a very cool and spiritual experience! The only bummer is that her family didnt come to the baptism.. :( Were going to have to work lots with her family now! Anyways it was a great way to end a somewhat difficult week!

Were still happy and keeping up the hopes even though sometimes things are difficult! I now that everything we pass through and endure in the end will be for our benefit! God loves us so very much! Love you guys too! Have a great week!

Elder Jarman

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