Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

Blanca's baptism.

Week #71
Hey Everyone!

So this week went really well actually!!

On Monday we went over to some other Elders room and we all met over there and had a BBQ kind of thing and ate some hamburgers and played Ping Pong and kind of just hung out and it was actually really fun!!

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Blanca and in the beginning we started explaining that before her baptism that she was going to have to go through an interview and then she started to tell us that she didn't feel ready and that she was going through some problems and she wanted to push the date back a little bit.. She started to tell us a lot of things that had happened to her and we felt that we needed to sit there and listen to her and we ended up being in her house for a little over 2 hours but to make it shorter and then end after listening we bore testimony and told her that she was ready to be baptized and then invited here again and we waited there for like 30 seconds in silence just letting her think and feel the spirit and at the end she said yes and so we started to get everything ready for the baptism! On Tuesday we also had interviews with the President and his wife and those were awesome as usual!

On Thursday was the baptismal interview for Blanca and she got there a little bit late and the interview ended up taking like 2 hours too so we were a little bit nervous that something had went wrong but she came out and everything was alright! So we didn't really get to do much on Thursday because the baptismal interview took up all afternoon and then we went to a missionary farewell kind of deal for a missionary who i leaving for the mission from our ward tomorrow! It was kind of like a testimony meeting which was pretty cool!

Then on Saturday was the big day!! We went to the church at ".30 to clean and fill up the baptismal font and we ended up taking a long time to drain the water that was already in it.. gross! clean it out and clean the church up too and fill it back up but its okay because the Baptism was at 4 but it never starts on time here in Peru so we got everything done at about 4:15ish and then a couple people showed up but all in all it was a pretty small thing! Blanca got there at like 4:45ish and some other members got there at like 5ish and then we got dressed and we went outside and took some pictures and then we started the baptismal service! All went well and when it was time to do the ordinance i got down into the water and right when she was going to get into the water her little 5 year old kid started crying and screaming hysterically and it was insane!! He would not let go of his mom!?! Don't really know exactly what was the problem but he would not let go and they tried to pull him outside to be able to do the ordinance but he would not let go... They decided they were going to have him come into the font with us for the baptism but he wouldn't come in and finally they just grab him when the opportunity came and took him outside and we did the baptism really fast and all went well! During that whole time that the kid was crying i was standing in the baptismal font getting cold because the water was cold! After the baptism she gave a powerful testimony and it was really awesome!! It made me feel really good!

Well this week went really well after all and it was really cool! I'm grateful for the opportunity to be an instrument in the hand of the Lord and help bring souls unto Christ! I know that there is a special feeling in the Church of Jesus Christ and it will fill any empty space there is! I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Love you all too!

Elder Jarman


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