Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Power to do anything!!

Week #70
Hey Everyone!!

Well this week went alright i guess but there were a couple minor setbacks!

So this week my companion ended up getting sick on Thursday and we couldnt really go out.. I guess my companion is still getting used to the food and to the culture! It took me a while too so its whatever! Hes better now though which is good!! So other than that it was a little rough this week because the members who were going to come out visiting with us ended up bailing out on us... That has happened quite a bit recently... I guess theres not much we can do though...

So this week church was kind of cool! I ended up giving a talk again.. Three times in the last 3 months!? It went pretty well though! What was even cooler is that we ended up having like almost 140 people in church which is a lot more than we have had in a long time.. even since before i got here! Whats even cooler than that is that one of the recent converts in our ward brought her whole family to church!?!? It was so cool to see the whole family there!! There were also a lot of the less actives that we are teaching too so it was kind of cool to see all the people that had come to church.. all to hear my talk... haha no just kidding! 

So this week we have been talking with Blanca and everything has been going well with her and if everything continues to go well she might get baptized this Saturday which would be awesome!! I have seen a big chnage in Blanca and i can tell that she feels the spirirt and she is just so awesome!!

This week we were able to teach a couple new families too which was really cool! One of the recent converts in our ward invited us over to talk with his family this week and the lesson went really well! They were all really receptive and they said they really liked what we talked about!! They seem like a really cool family and we should be able to help them out a lot!! 

Well not much has happened this week other than that.. More to come next week!! Love you all very much!! I know that through the grace of Christ we shall be saved, or through the enabling power of Christs grace that we shall be saved and have the power to do anything!! 

Elder Jarman

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