Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

A ton of smoke it was even hard to breath!

Week #68
Hey Everyone!!

So its been a little while since ive been able to talk to everyone! Hows everyone been?? Ive been great during these Holiday seasons!

So the work has been going pretty slow and has been hard for us right now because nobody has had time to visit with us! But thats alright because it should start to pick up a little bit now!

So our Christmas went pretty well! The 24th we went home at 9 and a member brought us some Pollo a la Brasa which was pretty good! Then we kind of just waited for the night and at midnight we came downstairs and we ate another dinner with the Pensions family! We had the usual Panneton and the Hot Chocolate and it was yummy! Then we went to bed and the next day for us was P-day and so we woke up a little bit later than normal (president said we could! :) )and after breakfast we opened up the little gifts that we had. The best part though was skyping with the family after 7 months!? It was really nice to see everyone and talk with everyone!!

Then for New Years the schedule was about the same but this time we had to come back to the room at 8 because sometimes it get really dangerous on New Years because eveyone does crazy things and a bunch of people are drinking the whole time!? So we came back and 8 and we ate dinner then and then we just waited and cleaned up the room and did just whatever until it was like 11:45 PM and then we climbed up on top of our roof and we had a pretty unobstructed view of everything and all the fireworks!! By 11:45 there were a ton of fireworks going off and they just became more and more until it was 12 and then at 12 everyone lit their Muñecos on fire and it was so loud and there were soooo many fireworks and there was a ton of smoke too it got a little harder to breath! That was my last New Years and Christmas here in Peru and im definatley going to miss the New Years celebration here because its just so insane!!! It was all really fun!!

Anyways so during these last couple of weeks we havent really had much success in the work but were still trying to work with the people! We dont really have very many investigators that are progressing and not very many people in the ward are helping us so everyhting kind of just slowed down... Blanca hasnt come to church for the past couple of weeks which has been a bummer!! All of the people just kept telling us that they would come to church and everything but then they never ended up coming so yeah it hasnt been the greatest lately and it has made it really hard for us lately!! On top of that there have been a lot of drunk people in the streets lately and since were both gringos walking around they always like to come up to us and start talking to us and its really annoying sometimes... One time this drunk guy came up to us and started to talk to us for like 10 minutes and at the end he pulled us in to a group hug and he said a prayer with us and it was really wierd and uncomfortable!?!

Anyways so these past couple have weeks have gone pretty well and my copmanion is doing alright! It always hard the beginning of the mission and hes hanging in there still! Its hard for him so far because of the spanish barrier but he´ll get the hang up of it little by little! He is really cool and is able to express his love and kindness freely and openly and hes a very sincere person too!

Anyways that about all for now!! Love all of you guys!! I know that God gives us trials to make us stronger to develop us into the person he needs us to be and the person that we will need to be to succeed in the future! In a way im grateful for the trials that i have because they make me who i am!! 

Elder Jarman
 Caroling in the town center
 Ran into my first area pensionista and she gave this cool little pillow.
 President and Sister Williams

 Elder Harper and Elder Jarman (stolen from

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