Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

We are planting seeds

Week #72
Hey Everyone!

Well this week was actually really uneventful!

We had really only one really weird experience!! One day we were walking around trying to find this one house really far away and we ended up walking all over the place trying to find this house and we walked down this one street and we saw this strange looking house that had a lot of different rooms and when we walked around the corner there were a couple tents and this man was sitting there and this lady was walking around and the lady said, "Elderes!" and so we decided to walk over and see how she knew us and so we get over there and the guy that was sitting down tells us to sit down and then brings out some Mango and some Watermelon to eat and starts talking to us and he was a little drunk.. He told us he was from Italy but that his parents had moved to Peru and bought a whole bunch of land and when they died they left it all to him and his brother.. He was a very strange man and had a really pretty nice and big house and it was all really just a very strange experience!! That ended up taking all morning because they guy kind of liked to talk a lot! We did end up finding the house we needed to at the end which was good!

Other than that this week we have been trying to talk with some more people and find some more people to teach because the pool of investigators that we have right now aren't really progressing... 
We have a lot of people who could progress its just that none of them are married!! Not a big surprise here in Peru... We seriously have a like 5 or 6 families who need to get married!! Maybe we will plan a mass marriage for all of them soon! 

We also went to an activity in the stake center with Blanca and she learned a little bit more about how to do her Family History work and she seems pretty interested in it because her mom has actually passed away and so we were explaining all the things that she could do for her mom and other things like that and it was actually really cool! Blanca is progressing really well so far she just needs to come to church on time every Sunday! She comes but she always gets there late..
Well the missionary work is going slowly but surely and even if we don't see the fruits of our labors now at least we are planting seeds and helping the people out! I know that the Lord directs his work in this day and that he leads and guides his church today by living apostles and prophets! 

Elder Jarman

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