Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, January 20, 2014

We've worked hard and we've enjoyed it too!

Week #17  1-20-14

Hey everyone!
My new companion is Elder Gamboa from Tacna Peru!! This first week with him has been pretty cool! We've worked hard and we've enjoyed it too!
My new companion is really cool! He's a really good teacher in the gospel and he also likes to have fun too! He knows quite a bit of magic tricks and so hes been teaching me some of his magic tricks while I'm teaching him how to do the Rubiks cube!! Hes a really happy guy and always has a good attitude! I feel like this transfer is going to be a good one for us!
We have 6 investigators that we would like to baptize this transfer. The first one is Yanela. Her sister is a member of the church and her sisters boyfriend just got home from his mission and so she's been hearing things from them and has decided to take the missionary discussions. She says that she wants to get baptized which is awesome. We are also going to work with her mom who is Edit too because she said she was interested in the church also! The next ones are Isain and Alonso who have been taking the discussions for a while and accepted a baptismal date but then they went on vacation so we just need to help them replace a baptismal date! The next one is Julio Cesar who most likely is going to get married for valentines day and if all goes well, then hes ready to be baptized. Hes just been waiting to get married for a little while so he can get baptized and he says he wants to get married before I leave so that I can baptize him which is pretty cool! Hope all goes well with the marriage. The last 2 are Diego and Daniel. Their grandma, Benny, just become an active member again and their cousins Noemi and Shantal just got baptized to so were hoping that they can see that changes in the lives of their family members ans they will have the desire to get baptized too! These are our goals for this change!
We have also been working with the Branch. When La Pradera first became a branch everything was going really well and everyone was doing their part but now everyone has relaxed a little bit and the attendance is dropping and were losing active members. So in ward council we have been talking to them to help them set their goals and get their vision straight!
We just had an activity as a ward called a kinkana and it was really fun! A lot of members showed up and we played a bunch of games and played with some water balloons. I got really sun burned even though i had sun screen on so that was kind of a bummer but at the end i popped two water balloons on our branch president and then me and my comp took off running and that was pretty funny! Now he says hes out to get me so im kind of scared that i might get wet sometime soon, especially because during the time of January 20 to February 20th is called carnival and people walk around with waters balloons and paint and everyone gets each other wet so pretty soon were probably going to get some water balloons thrown at us!! That should be an adventure!
Nothing else more to share! Hope you all have a great week! Love you all!!
Elder Jarman

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