Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, January 6, 2014

The best food I have ever had!

1-6-14 Week #15
Hey All

Hope you all had a fantastic new year. Sorry i cant use exclamation marks because part of the keyboard doesnt work, something is always wrong with the keyboards. 

New years here was the bomb. On new years eve we went to the pensions house of the other elders in our district and spent the night there. The pensions made us some really good food again just like christmas. We had pork and pollo a la brasa again. When it got to be like  11 45 people started to light off fireworks so we went up to the roof and got ready to light the fireworks that the pension had bought for us. At 12 there were seriously fireworks everywhere. There wasnt a place in the sky that you looked and there wasnt fireworks. The big thing here is to burn muñecos or in other words burn a scarecrow thats full of fireworks. Everybody makes there muñeco and sets it on fire at 12 and so theres fireworks going off like crazy. We lit off our own fireworks too and it was super awesome. Theres was also a ton of smoke in the air and it was actually kind of hard to breath. After that we went downstaris and theres a tradition here to eat 12 grapes at 12, one for each month. So we ate the grapes and talked for anopther little while and there was another trdition where you fill your coin pouch with lentejas or like little bean things for good luck and wealth. After that we went to be at like 2:30 and woke up at like 8 and ate breakfast. Then two more elders came over to the house and we played uno for like an hour and then we came back to our area and slept the rest of the day because we cant go out because of all the drunk people. So yeah that was our new years.

Since my companion goes home this coming Monday we have been saying goodbye to his ares and the past two days we have gone to different areas. On Sunday we went to Pomalca and visited some people out there and they were super awesome and they took us out to lunch at a place called casa madera which reminded me a lot of the places we used to eat at in Mexico. It wasn't very nice looking but the food was sooo good. Me and my companion got ceviche de tollo and carne seca. It was seriously some of the best food that Ive ever had. After we ate we went back to there house and talked for a while and it was almost impossible for me to understand them because they were all talking at the same time but instead of talking they yell and so they were all yelling and laughing and so i just sat on a couch and watched them talk for like an hour and then after that someone brought Bingo and we played bingo for a while. Instead of using chips for bingo we were using grains of rice and corn and the people always play for money. So when someone won then all the people started throwing their rice and corn at each other and it was a mini food fight in the house and that was pretty funny. When it was time to go my comp was pretty sad because he had to say goodbye to them. We were talking about having to say goodbye and its like saying goodbye to your second family and how that really hard. After that we came back to our area. Today we went to Ferreñafe other wise know as the land of the two faiths because in the name it says fe twice which means faith in spanish. Our branch president, presidente Dayvy drove us out there and hung out with us today. It was like 20 minutes away in car. Once we got there my comp talked to the pension for a while and then she took us out to eat too and whats funny is that we went and we got the same thing as the day before. We got ceviche de tollo with crab and carne seca which is dried meat so its like beef jerky. It was sooo good also. Then we came back to the house and talked for a while and now were back in our area and tomorrow were going to play some volleyball with some of our investigators. 

Nothing else to report. Hope you all have a wonderful week and try to share the gospel with a friend, neighbor, coworker, or anyone of the many people you come in contact with. Love you all.

Elder Jarman

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