Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, January 27, 2014

Led by the Spirit!

Week #18 1-27-14
Hey Everyone,
I'm going to apologize in advance but i haven't really had the opportunity to take pictures this week but for sure next week there will be lots of pictures!
This week we have had some pretty cool experiences! The first one was that we had set up a family hove evening at someones house for 6, and when we were on our way to the house we realized that we had forgotten the video that we were going to show to them so we ran back to the room really fast and grabbed the video then we rushed to pick up someone who was going to accompany us for the lesson and by that time it was already like 6:30. So then we walked to the house and the family was sitting outside their house and it turned out that their little girl shantal had locked them out of the house so they had to call their son to bring them another key but they didn't know how long it was going to take for their son to get there so while we were waiting we went into the house of her daughter who lives right next door and we started talking to their kids, Diego and Daniel, and then we started doing some magic tricks to them and then their mom, Julisa, joined us and she is inactive so we decided to watch the video in her house while we waited for the key to the other house and so we watched the video of the restoration. When the video had about 10 minutes left the dad of the house, Ivan, who is not a member walked in and he looked pretty angry that we were there but he sat at the table far away from everyone else watching the video, In the video it shared a scripture in Matthew and when the video was over i had the feeling to talk about that scripture in Matthew 7:7-11 which talks about the love of god but my companion who was sitting like 10 feet away from me started talking and then he shared that scripture and asked who wants to read it and nobody said anything but then the dad who was sitting at the table said that he would read the scripture! After he read the scripture and we explained it a little bit he then told us that he was having problems with his family and that he would like it if we could start giving them the lesson!! He went from looking angry to asking us to come back! After the lesson me and my companion realized that that whole lesson and the way that everything worked out was perfectly led by the spirit and it was so cool!! We now have a baptismal goal for his kids and were hoping that he can get baptized too and that his wife will become active again in the church!
Another cool lesson we had was with Yanela. We went to her house and her sister and her sisters boyfriend who is a return missionary, and her mom, and her aunt were there with us. So we started the lesson and we set her baptismal date for the 8th of February but she didn't want to tell her mom so she had us tell her mom and then her mom started to say that she wasn't ready for this and then all of the sudden everybody was talking all at once and it turned into an argument and so me and my comp thought that we were going to lose the date but then towards then end of the lesson the people in the room had calmed down a little and we started to talk again and her aunt was saying things about the church and by the end of the lesson her mom was actually defending the church from her aunt and she said that the prayer at the end was beautiful! So i think that after all that Yanela will get permission from her mom to get baptized which is awesome!!
Those are the two stories that stand out this week. Other that we are stoked with out new goals even though they are insane and we are going to have to work our butts off this month to reach them! We have some good ideas on how to reach our goals too which will help us a lot!! We have an idea called mini misioneros de verano, or basically that because all the kids are on summer vacation from school and aren't doing anything me and my companion are going to make companionships with the kids and go on splits with them to help achieve our goals and to help them get ready for their missions!! Its going to be awesome i just hope it works out the way we hope!!
That's all for now! Sorry again for the pictures but i will be sure to take lots of pictures this week!! Hope you all have a great week! Love you guys!
Elder Jarman

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