Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Thursday, October 17, 2013

This is the last time I will write from the CCM!

10-17-13 Week #5

Alls good in Peru! This is the last time that ill write from the CCM. On tuesday we ship off to chiclayo which im super excited for! Im not sure when ill get to write next because the paper we read was really wierd but we might not get to write for a little while. Anyways, ive gotten so close to all the people in my district that its gonna be pretty sad to leave but thank goodness that all the guys in my ditrsict are going to chiclayo too, only the hermanas are going to a different mission.
This week has been pretty awesome! Our teachers are starting to pile on the studying because we leave in a couple of days, but other than that soccers been fun and the days have been flying by. We challenged some of the latinos in the CCM to soccer and whoever lost had to give massages to the winner and we won 4 to 1! There are some latinos here that are pretty good but i think our district is the best at soccer and volleyball!
Elder Ruiz my companion got a package but its at a post office in Lima so were gonna have to take a Taxi tomorrow, just the two of us with the little spanish we know, through Lima to try to get his package from the post office so that should be an interesting experience. The latino room mates in our room have been staying up late at night and they talk quietly but that only lasts for like 10 minutes and then they start talking loud again so havent really been sleeping well the past few nights but its whatever.
Were supposed to prepare a talk every sunday on a specific topic and during sacrament meeting the branch president calls some people to speak and so i had to speak last sunday on the book of mormon and were supposed to do as much as we can in spanish. So i got up and gave a five minute talk in only spanish!! So the spanish is coming along pretty well i guess. Even then mission president said that my talk was really good and the branch president asked me how many years of spanish i took because my accent was spot on! Thats was pretty cool!
Not much else happened this week, but im sure that there will be lots of stuff ot talk about next week!
Hope all of you are doing fantastic!
The first picture is of me and my district with our night teacher, and the second one i tried to recreate the one of baylor in the same spot but i dont know how well i did with that
Love you all!
Elder Jarman

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