Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, October 28, 2013

First email from the field and a baptism!!!

10-28-13 Week #6

Hey Everyone!

I don't have much time to email anymore because i have to send a letter to the mission president but ill try to explain everything and there probably wont be pictures this week, sorry.

Okay so well start with the worst and then get better. The worst thing that happened this week is that i ended up getting food poisoning on Friday night at like 1 30 in the morning and it was just down hill from there. So i rested until like 12 30 on Saturday and then we had to go somewhere. My stomach still feels a little funky but i think i just need to get accustomed to the food. Then a day and a half later my comp ( Elder Isaac Bunker) started feeling funny and now hes sick too so it had to be something that we both ate. 

My Spanish has got a long way to go.. I got out here and could understand so much less than i thought i was going to be able to understand, But my comp says i know a lot more than he did when he came out here and hes been out here for 17 months and hes fluent so its cool to think that im going to be like that in a couple of months. Whats hard for me now with the Spanish is that i hear the words in Spanish and translate it into English in my head which takes a lot of time and so i miss the next couple of words so when i start to think in Spanish then ill be doing a lot better. Plus i need to learn all the slang and different words in their dialect of Spanish which they call casteano.

Now were getting to the better stuff. The flight to chiclayo wasn't bad but we had to get up at like three in the morning to get on the plane so the next day i was super tired. We got to chiclayo and then met our mission president and our mission presidents wife who are really cool. Then we had a couple of meetings and we heard the changes and then finally we got our areas and our comps. So right now I am in the Chiclayo Central zone and my area of proselyting is called La Pradera. Its a small place outside of the city so everythings really small and poor and there's trash everywhere and it smell all the time. We live in a chapel house so we have our tiny little room up stairs where me and my companion sleep and study and then all throughout the house is a couple other rooms for church and downstairs is their version of a chapel. Ill try to send pics next week cause i dont have time this week. Apparently there are some scary stories about our chapel house which is kind of creepy but i try not to think about that. There is this spot in the house where the tile is cracked and its hollow underneath there so thats a little creepy and all throughout the night it sounds like somebody is opening the door to our room because of the wind. Oh and the bathroom is tiny and the shower is heated by electricity but its not really heated so we take cold showers every morning. The CCM was luxury compared to here Other than that my area is awesome and our pension is super cool and very understanding too. We haven't had too many weird things yet, the weirdest thing was probably a full fish without the head.I got one of the bones stuck in my throat which was a little scary but i got it out. The one thing that i don't like very much is that we give our laundry to her once a week but then get it back three days later so its like our laundry gets done once every ten days so im going to need to buy some more socks somewhere. Me and Elder Peabody are in the same dstrict so we see each other like once a week. My comp is the district leader so im going to have to go on day changes with other people which will be pretty cool. 

We finally had P-Day today after a super long time and we had a zone activity and played games and then ate a really good meal of steak and beans and rice and fried bananas. 

Santa came exactly two months early with three packages!!! Thanks! 

But now for the best part of the week! We had a baptism!! I didn't really help much with teaching them because i just got to the area but me and my companion baptized and 11 and an 8 year old. My first baptism was Pedro Alexander and it was in Spanish! 

Hopefully there will be some more baptisms soon! Hope you are all doing well. Sorry again for the lack of pictures and sorry if i don't get to responding to your emails.

Love and miss you all!

Elder Jarman

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