Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I have been out for 1 Month already!

 10-10-13 Week#4

Hey Everyone!
Everything's going great up here! Ive been out for 1 Month already and its feels like its only been a couple of days!! Were are now the advanced group in the CCM! Only two more weeks and then im out in the field! Just when i feel like im starting to get used to the CCM im about to go out into the field and then it will be a whole new experience!
Conference was awesome! It was a little hard to stay awake for all of the sessions but i managed to do it! 80,000 missionaries!! And im one of them! Thats pretty crazy how many there are now, the work really is hastening!
Last week my hair was getting a little long and i didnt really want to wait another week till the guy came to the CCM to get it cut so me and my room mate got our haircut by one of the latinos in their dorm room!! It was a pretty funny experience! There were a whole bunch of people in there taking pictures and laughing!
We got new latino room mates today and they seem pretty cool so far, they dont speak any english so that will be interesting for the next two weeks but it will be a good way to learn more spanish! They are both going to Chiclayo too! Me and elder Ruiz and my other two roomates were gonna play a joke on the incoming room mates but we decided not to. We were gonna wrap up one of out room mates, Elder Passey, like in the picture i attached and then put duct tape on his mouth and lay him on the floor so that when the latinos came in the room they would freak out! They didnt end up coming in at night so its a good thing that we didnt do that!
We get to go out proselyting again this saturday which will be awesome and hopefully i will know a little more about what they are talking about than last time! I can wait to get out into the field!
Thats about it for now, nothing new is happening in the CCM.
Elder Jarman

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