Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Peru Chiclayo Mission 9/2013-9/2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

Weaving sugar cane sticks together

Week #99
Hey Everybody!!

Hope all of you had another great week! I hope all of you are happy and healthy!

We had a pretty good week! Were actually on a roll because we have had like 3 good weeks in a row! Lets hope they stay that way for the next two weeks!

A couple Mondays ago we went to this museum and sight called Huaca Rajada! Its the sight where they dug up a very old man, sometimes though and claimed to be King Mosiah by the members in Lambayeque, named SeƱor de Sipan who was a king here in anancient civilization of Peru! It was pretty cool to see all the things there! When i was in Lambayeque we went to the Museum Tumbas Reales and it was almost the same thing as Huaca Rajada but it was still really cool to see all that stuff and learn a little bit more about the culture of Lambayeque! This past Monday we went and watched the movie Meet the Mormons with the Zone leaders! ( we had permission) It was a cool movie!

This week we have been working a lot again with all the less actives that we have in our area and on Sunday we were able to rescue one of them named Susana which was really cool! The work with the less actives is really coming along whereas the work with the investigators has kind of slowed down lot! Despite all the contacts and everything that we are doing we aren't really finding new people to teach which is really kind of a bummer but we will keep on trying! Another thing that was good this week is that everyday of the week besides Sunday we had members come out with us and we had q good amount of success this week which was cool!

On Wednesday for war missionary night the ward watched a little video on the family and explained a little bit about that and then everybody played some games and it was fun! After the ward missionary night we were juggling the soccer ball with the Bishop, his 1st counselor and his secretary and it was really fun and pretty funny too! 

Friday morning we had our monthly zone meeting ad sadly it was my last one... It was good though and as always edifying! They bought a cake too for one of the Elder´s birthdays and so that was pretty enjoyable too! 

Saturday morning we ended up doing a service for a member of the ward and it was pretty fun but pretty hard work too! We helped him put a roof on the back part of his house weaving sugar cane sticks together and then putting a layer of the mud they use to make the adobe bricks on top of the sugar cane! Its was hard work but it was really cool to help and it felt good to look at the job finished! We did finish with a couple blisters and sore muscles but it was a cool experience!

Thats about all that happened this week! Its was a good week and im happy to be here in the service of other people learning many things! I know that everything that we go through in life it to prepare us for the future and we should take full advantage of all the opportunities that God has given us! Love you all! Have a great week everybody!!

Elder Jarman

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